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Your wizard is the player you control in Prodigy. When you first start the game, you have to create an account where you create a wizard, allowing you to style your wizard how you want to be used for the start of the game. Eventually once your wizard is created and you start the game, you'll be able to do certain features such as accessorizing your wizard with outfits, wands, hats, and boots. There are various things you can do as a wizard. You can buy things like buddies that follow your wizard, hairstyles that make you stylish, pets that help you in battles, etc.

(As of a recent version, the male and female sprites have changed into something completely new as well as their hairstyle.)

Creation of a Wizard

The wizard you choose can be male or female, but they do have gender-specific Hair Styles. The rest such as Eye Color, Hair Color and Skin Color remain the same for both genders. Changing any design will make a heart icon show above your Wizard. The design for both male and female is randomized by default after creating an account, shown in the image below.

Chrome 2017-10-21 21-47-12
Chrome 2017-10-21 21-48-31

Male customization

Hair Styles

After picking your gender during the creation of your wizard, you're able to pick 4 different hairstyles. Each hairstyle can have their own color of whichever you choose and you are also allowed to change both the style and color if you're a member later on in the game. You also can have different colors as well as extra hairstyles other than the 6 default ones for color and 4 default ones for hair shown above, meaning that there is a total of 23 hairstyles and 21 hair colors. Males have 8 hairstyles, females have 15 hairstyles. (These include the ones you achieve in the game including member items.)

Below are the different hairstyles you can get for male and female:

Male Style 1 fever
Male Style 2 neat
Male Style 3 slick
Male Style 4 shaggy
Male Style 5 bed head
Male Style 6 rock star
Male Style 7 spikes
Male Style 8 prince
Female Style 1 Grace
Female Style 2 Blossom
Female Style 3 Uplift
Female Style 4 sunshine
Female Style 5 excite
Female Style 6 winter
Female Style 7 dashing
Female Style 8 fall
Female Style 9 lily
Female Style 10 sweetheart
Female Style 11 island breeze
Female Style 12 side swept
Female Style 13 spring
Female Style 14 pizzazz
Female Style 15 the wild side
Female Style 16 the 2-tailed pony
Female Style 17 the star buns
Female style 18 Pegasus
gender-neutral style 1 the frizz-fro
gender-neutral style 2 the double cross
gender neutral style 3 the row-row
Gender-neutral style 3 the warrior

Eye color

there are 15 eye colors.

  1. light brown
  2. dark brown
  3. amber
  4. yellow green
  5. green
  6. aqua
  7. blue
  8. orange
  9. purple
  10. red
  11. pink
  12. royal blue
  13. sky blue
  14. yellow
  15. light blue

Wizard Name

Note: Changing your gender allows you to change your first name only. Switching back allows you to choose a new name. This costs 1000 gold. During the game you can visit zones that have a scroll on top of an "N" to customize your name that changes the prefix or suffix of your name. Some custom names require membership.

After the creation of your wizard, you start off having to join a server and go through a bit of the intro where you have to introduce yourself to Noot. Which eventually pops up a box where you're allowed to select the first name for your wizard from the following list, like shown below.

NameChar Male

Male first name selection

After a bit of the intro, you are allowed to select the last name of your wizard, but in reality it's a mash up of a "middle name" and "last name" which is randomly generated from the list, but can be generated again by clicking the dice.


Female 'last' name selection

Here is a following list of Male and Female last names, as well as the possible middle names and the last names (middle and last are mashed up to create your last name which are randomly generated):

There are no Q or U male names, no Q, U, W, X and Y female names, no J, K, U, V, X and Z middle names, and no A, I, J, K, Q, U, X, Y and Z last names.

Male Names A: Aaron, Abdullah, Abraham, Adam, Adrian, Ahmad, Ahmed, Aidan, Aiden, Alan, Albert, Alejandro, Alex, Alexander, Alexis, Ali, Alvin, Andres, Andrew, Aneesh, Angel, Angelo, Anthony, Antonio, Arthur, Ashton, Austin, Ayden

B: Benjamin, Bennett, Billy, Blake, Bobby, Bort, Braden, Bradley, Brady, Brandon, Brayden, Brendan, Brian, Brody, Bruce, Bryan, Bryce, Bryson

C: Caden, Caleb, Cameron, Carl, Carlos, Carson, Carter, Cesar, Charles, Chase, Christian, Christopher, Cody, Colby, Cole, Colin, Collin, Colton, Conner, Connor, Cooper, Craig, Cristian

D: Dakota, Dalton, Damian, Daniel, Darien, David, Dennis, Derek, Devin, Devon, Diego, Dominic, Donald, Donovan, Douglas, Dylan

E: Edgar, Eduardo, Edward, Edwin, Eli, Elias, Elijah, Emmanuel, Eric, Erick, Erik, Ethan, Eugene, Evan

F: Fernando, Francisco, Frank

G: Gabriel, Gage, Garrett, Gary, Gavin, George, Gerald, Giovanni, Grant, Gregory

H: Hammad, Hamza, Harold, Hayden, Hector, Henry, Howard, Hunter

I: Ian, Ibrahim, Isaac, Isaiah, Ivan

J: Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jaden, Jake, Jalen, James, Jared, Jason, Javier, Jayden, Jeffrey, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Jerry, Jesse, Jimothy, Joe, Joel, John, Johnathan, Johnny, Jonah, Jonathan, Jordan, Jorge, Jose, Joseph, Joshua, Josiah, Juan, Julian, Justin

K: Kaden, Kaleb, Keith, Kenneth, Kevin, Kian, Kyle

L: Landon, Larry, Lawrence, Leonardo, Levi, Liam, Logan, Louis, Lucas, Luis, Luke

M: Malachi, Malik, Manuel, Marco, Marcus, Mario, Mark, Martin, Marvin, Mason, Matthew, Max, Maxwell, Micah, Michael, Miguel, Miles, Muhammad

N: Nathan, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Nicolas, Noah, Nolan

O: Oliver, Omar, Oscar, Owen

P: Parker, Patrick, Paul, Peter, Peyton, Philip, Phillip, Preston

R: Ralph, Raymond, Ricardo, Richard, Riley, Robert, Roger, Rohan, Ronald, Rory, Roy, Rupy, Russell, Ryan

S: Samuel, Scott, Sean, Sebastian, Sergio, Seth, Shane, Shawn, Solomon, Spencer, Stephen, Steve, Steven

T: Tanner, Terry, Thomas, Timothy, Travis, Trenton, Trevor, Tristan, Tyler

V: Van, Victor, Vincent

W: Walter, Wasee, Wayne, Wesley, William, Wyatt

X: Xavier

Y: Youssef

Z: Zachary

Female Names A: Aaliyah, Abby, Abigail, Addison, Adriana, Adrianna, Alana, Alexa, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexia, Alexis, Alice, Alicia, Allison, Alondra, Alyssa, Amanda, Amber, Amelia, Amy, Ana, Andrea, Angel, Angela, Angelica, Angelina, Ann, Anna, Ariana, Arianna, Ashley, Ashlyn, Aubrey, Audrey, Autumn, Ava, Avery

B: Bailey, Barbara, Betty, Beverly, Bianca, Breanna, Brenda, Briana, Brianna, Brittany, Brooke, Brooklyn

C: Caitlin, Caitlyn, Camila, Carol, Caroline, Carolyn, Cassandra, Cassidy, Catherine, Charlotte, Chelsea, Cheryl, Cheyenne, Chloe, Christina, Christine, Claire, Courtney, Crystal, Cynthia

D: Daisy, Daniela, Danielle, Deborah, Debra, Delaney, Denise, Destiny, Diana, Diane, Donna, Doris, Dorothy

E: Elizabeth, Ella, Ellen, Ellie, Emily, Emma, Erica, Erin, Eva, Evelyn

F: Faith, Fatima, Felicia, Frances

G: Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabrielle, Genesis, Gianna, Giselle, Gloria, Grace, Gracie

H: Hailey, Haley, Hannah, Heather, Helen, Hope

I: Isabel, Isabella, Isabelle

J: Jacqueline, Jada, Jade, Jana, Jane, Janet, Janice, Jasmin, Jasmine, Jayla, Jazmin, Jean, Jenna, Jennifer, Jessica, Jillian, Joan, Jocelyn, Jordan, Jordyn, Joyce, Judith, Judy, Julia, Juliana, Julie

K: Kaitlyn, Karen, Kate, Katelyn, Katherine, Kathleen, Kathryn, Kathy, Katie, Kayla, Kaylee, Kelly, Kelsey, Kendall, Kennedy, Kiara, Kimberly, Kira, Kylee, Kylie

L: Laura, Lauren, Layla, Leah, Leslie, Liliana, Lillian, Lilly, Lily, Linda, Lindsey, Lisa, Lori, Louise, Lucy, Lydia

M: Mackenzie, Madeline, Madelyn, Madison, Makayla, Makenzie, Margaret, Maria, Mariah, Mariam, Mariam, Marie, Marilyn, Marissa, Martha, Mary, Maya, Mckenzie, Megan, Melanie, Melissa, Mia, Michelle, Mikayla, Mildred, Miranda, Molly, Morgan, Mya

N: Nancy, Naomi, Natalia, Natalie, Nevaeh, Nichole, Nicole, Nur

O: Olivia

P: Paige, Pamela, Patricia, Payton, Peyton

R: Rachel, Reagan, Rebecca, Riley, Rose, Ruby, Ruth, Rylee

S: Sabrina, Sadie, Salma, Samantha, Sandra, Sara, Sarah, Savannah, Serenity, Sharon, Shelby, Shirley, Sierra, Skylar, Sofia, Sophia, Sophie, Stephanie, Summer, Susan, Sydney

T: Tammy, Taylor, Teresa, Theresa, Tiffany, Trinity

V: Valeria, Valerie, Vanessa, Veronica, Victoria, Virginia

Z: Zoe, Zoey

Middle Names A: Air, Animal

B: Battle, Blue, Bronze

C: Clear, Cloud, Coin

D: Daring, Dark, Day, Diamond, Divine, Dragon, Dream

E: Earth

F: Fable, Fairy, Fall, Fancy, Far, Fire, Flame, Fog, Forge, Frost, Fruit

G: Garden, Gear, Ghost, Giant, Glass, Gold, Golden, Good, Green

H: Heavy, Hero

I: Ice, Illusion, Iron

L: Land, Leaf, Legend, Life, Lightning

M: Maelstrom, Magic, Metal, Monster, Moon, Mountain, Myth

N: Near, Night

O: Ocean

P: Plant

Q: Quake

R: Rain, Red, River, Ruby

S: Silver, Sleep, Soft, Spell, Spring, Star, Storm, Strong, Summer, Swift

T: Thunder

W: Water, White, Wild, Wind, Winter, Wish, Wonder

Y: Yellow

Last Names B: Blade, Boots, Boy, Breath, Brother

C: Caller, Cast, Caster, Catcher, Crafter

D: Dancer, Dreamer, Drifter

E: Ear, Eyes

F: Follower, Foot, Friend

G: Gem, Girl, Giver

H: Hand, Heart, Helper, Hunter

L: Leader, Legs, Lemon, Light

M: Man, Mask, Master

N: Nose

O: Ore

P: Pants, Petal, Prism

R: Ring, Runner

S: Seed, Shade, Shadow, Shard, Shine, Shirt, Singer, Sister, Smith, Song, Spoon, Staff, Steel, Strider, Sword

T: Tail, Talon, Tamer, Thinker, Torch

V: Vault, Voice

W: Walker, Wand, Ward, Whisper, Winner, Woman


On the menubar below the game, there is an option for a spellbook that will let you view the 6 spells that you have chosen to be in battle. Clicking on any of these spells will allow you to swap for another spell you earned via completing trials.

Chrome 2017-10-21 21-40-23

As well as upon leveling up your Wizard, you are able to obtain at least 6 Astral spells.

Spell Level Unlocked
Magi-shot 1
Batter Up! 5
Conjure 12
Pummel 22
Powerbeam 38
Zero 52

Aside from Astral spells, you can complete trials to earn spells from all elements for your Wizard to use in battle.

These are:

Ice Cannon and Ice Prison from Bok (Shiverchill Mountain)

Mudball and Whirlwind from Flora (Firefly Forest)

Water Blast and Water Bomb from Eve (Shipwreck Shore)

Cloudshot and Bolt from Broccolina and Benni (Skywatch)

Fireball and Embers from Slurpee (Bonfire Spire)

Technical Side

Your wizard also contains a special userId, which is what the server uses to determine the data of the account you're logging in with using a randomly generated userToken (32 character length) to allow you to login into a server. Your userId should be based off the highest number of accounts created during that time of the creation of your account.