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The TEK-Y4 is a Key Item you can receive in Clockwork Town. It is a dancing robot used to play the Stage game.


"A dancing robot with a neural network processor for dance move acceleration and increased groove accuracy."

Use your TEK-Y4 to dance your way through easy and hard challeges. Go to Lamplight Town and to the Dance Studio to use your fast reflexes and sharp eye to select the correct card in an amount of time. It's easy early on, but be prepared for a challenge on the last levels! Your TEK-Y4 will level up, and each time it does, the levels will go slightly faster. Each dance you complete earns you gears, which levels up your TEK-Y4.

Note- Membership is in use in this game. Three power-ups are optional, which are more gears, star multiplier, and longer click time.

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