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Skywatch is one of the ten zones in Prodigy. The main element of this zone is Storm.

Map Description

Benni and Broccolina are in need of a wizard just like you! Learn storm spells and defeat a powerful boss!

Ultimate Map

Main Area: Upper Bean-o-vator

The Upper Bean-o-vator has four paths: Go to the elevator to get to the Lower Bean-o-vator. You can also stay at Skywatch and travel one of the three other paths: Snow Path, Rain Path, or Wind Path (check the signs marking the three gates).

Lower Bean-o-vator

Find out this place by going down the elevator of Upper Bean-o-vator. It contains a Normal Chest and a Cloaked Wizard, so be careful!

Wind Path

- - -

Snow Path

- - -

Rain Path

- - -

Skywatch Bosses

  • Rainy Storm
  • Sandy Storm
  • Frosty Storm
  • Stormy Storm