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Singenewt is a Fire pet in Prodigy. It is a slightly hotter, larger, and redder version of Burnewt.

Singenewt has almost even stats to a typical starter pet. It's best stat is Growth and its worst stat is Life.

Singenewt has strong stats and great power over Earth and Ice element pets. It's weak to Water, and is recommended to not use in Barnacle Cove.


It evolves into Infernewt at level 32, and evolves from Burnewt at level 20. It is the first evolution to Burnewt.


"Over time, a Burnewt's body becomes hotter and hotter, changing it into a Singenewt."


Pet spells:

Attack Level Unlocked
Fireball 1
Embers 5
Charclone 10
Razorfire 19
Fire Rain 31
Dragos 48

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