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"Defeat the Puppet Master's sea beast, a monster from the old war against the Order of Influence!"
Barnacle Cove Map

Shipwreck Shore (also known as Barnacle Cove) is a small island away from Prodigy Island, where you can meet Eve. This zone has multiple areas (35 different areas). It's main element is Water.

If you complete Eve's quests, she'll offer you gold, boots, and Water spells for your Wizard to use in battle.


Aside from Eve, a merchant exists in the main zone area with the name of Ocean Outfitters, that offers items from all categories.

Name of Item Cost (Gold) Member?
Baby Squid 1600 Yes
Bandana 320 No
Buccaneer's Digs 250 Yes
Captain's Digs 300 Yes
Captain's Hat 200 Yes
Caster Clam 350 No
Cat Fish 2300 Yes
Crab 2000 No
Crimson Boots 100 Yes
Crimson Cloak 250 Yes
Deep Diving Helmet 200 Yes
Deep Diving Suit 250 No
Dire Pirate Boots 100 Yes
Dire Pirate Mask 250 No
Dire Pirate Tunic 250 Yes
Funkeel 800 No
Jelly Cap 200 No
Jelly Hakama 250 No
Jellyfish Wand 350 No
Puffer Fish 1600 Yes
Sea Sword Boots 100 No
Sea Sword Cap 200 No
Sea Sword Suit 250 No
Shell Armor Boots 100 No
Shell Body Armor 300 No
Spiral Shell Spellcaster 400 Yes
Squibble 1800 No
Tidal Sphere 350 No
Toy Parrot 350 Yes
Turtle Topper 350 No


As well, the area offers you to be able to change your name to 5 different ones which are either a prefix or a suffix, or just changing your name back to the original one you had before. They must be unlocked before you can even change your name.

Name Requirement Member?
Buccaneer- You need to buy the Pirate set to unlock! No
Captain- You need to complete the Barnacle Cove quests to unlock! No
Treasure Hunter- You need to catch a Mimic to unlock! No
First-mate- You need to become a member to unlock! Yes
-beard the Pirate You need to become a member to unlock! Yes

Aside from everything else, it appears that this zone does contain a gem now. It also does contain a spot for you to heal you and your pets.

The boss of this area on the last quest of this zone is
Old One


Prior to version 1.53.0, the zone would be called Barnacle Cove and had only 1 area. It contained no Water Gem to get.

It also had the description: "Captain Eve is in need of a wizard just like you! Learn water spells and defeat a powerful boss!"

Appearance of Barnacle Cove