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Please remember that you can edit more and contribute to a much more helpful wiki: Prodigy Math Game Wiki! There are many servers in the game, where you can meet other players (and possibly your friends), and each one has different people. Below is a list of servers in alphabetical order:

Icon Name Of Server Icon Item Name
Storm Symbol Airmeld Storm Element
Beetle in Amber1 Amberlamp Beetle in Amber
BurnewtIcon Amphibia Burnewt
Bestiary-0 Animalia Bestiary Book Tab
Aquarium Aquaria Aquarium
ArachexIcon Arachnia Arachex
HailstoneIcon Ascension Hailstone
Astral Symbol Astrallum Astral Element
Skycap Icon Aviatrix Skycap
Terrosaur Bone-0 Backbone Bone Fossil
Ghastly Hood Icon Balleerie Ghastly Hood
Batwing Wand Icon Batwing Batwing Wand
Shell2-0 Beachfront White Shell
Frost Saber Cap Icon Beastcore Frost Saber Cap
SoralIcon Birdcage Soral
Stampeed Skeleton Bonestorm Stampeed Skeleton
Monster Note Borderland Scroll of Paper
Boombox Breakbeat Boombox
Relic ID 25 Bubble Bay (Relic ID 25)
SquarrelIcon Cavernous Squarrel
Angelic Shroud Celestial Angelic Shroud
Award Champion Award
Icycorn Chilly Town Icycorn
Bottled Cloud Cloudcall Bottled Cloud
FlygerIcon Cloudheart Flyger
Relic ID 21 Cloudpuff (Relic ID 21)
Air Robe Cloudshore Air Robe
Sun's Embrace Coalshrike Sun's Embrace
Shiverchill Gem Coldshard Shiverchill Gem
Energy Staff Icon Combax Energy Staff
Earthnutt Creepwood Earthnutt
Mira's Staff Icon Crystahl Mira's Wand
Bronze Trophy Culldeep Bronze Trophy
Skywatch Gem Cumulite Skywatch Gem
Dream Icon Cumulus Dream
TEK-Y4 Jumpsuit Danceclub TEK-Y4 Jumpsuit
SquibbleIcon Deepsea Squibble
Glacier Diamond Diamondmine Glacier Diamond
TEK-Y4 Headphones Icon Discotek TEK-Y4 Headphones
Doubloon Doubloon Doubloon
DragicIcon Dracochus Dragic
Embershard Dracogem Embershard
DraglingIcon Dragonfire Dragling
Draconyx Icon Drakken Draconyx
Angel Wing Icon Dreamsphere The Master of Trials
Dynocore Dynocore Terromite
Dynodig Dynodig Stuffed Dyno
Forest Throne Earthrone Forest Throne
Earth Symbol Earthshire Earth Symbol
Relic ID 30 Earthstone (Relic ID 30)
Bonfire Gem Emberland Bonfire Gem
Fire Flower Embervine Fire Flower
Forest Emerald Emerald Forest Emerald
Ring of the Volcano Emolten (Relic ID 18)
Highlord's Crown Icon Emporia Emperor's Helm
Enchanted Stick Icon Enchantric Enchanted Stick
Red Helm Icon Engauge Red Helm
Book Escholus Book
Boss Estrial Boss Quest
Dreamlet Icon Faerealm Dreamlet
Remote Ship Farflight Remote Ship
Bag of Flour Farmland Bag of Flour
Glassfire Felorb Glassfire
Fungoid Icon Felspore Fungoid
Cheeple's Toy Wand Icon Ferflock Cheeple's Toy Wand
Fire Symbol Fireplane Fire Element
Relic ID 31 Firestone (Relic ID 31)
Red Armor Firestrike Red Armor
Bonfire Robes Flamekeep Bonfire Robes
Flame Banner Flamelands Flame Banner
Flame Neek Icon Flamespace Flame Neek
Sunfire Lamp Flashfire Sunfire Lamp
Crookfang Icon Flexor Crookfang
Vita Icon Flora Vita
Nature's Bloom Icon Flowerseed Nature's Bloom
Earth Robe Forestedge Earth Robe
Icy Floret-0 Frostwick Icy Floret
Tempest Icon Frozone Tempest
Hotpot Icon Furnace Hotpot
Sprike Icon Gaia Sprike
Fissural Icon Garmlia Fissural
Gears-0 Gearshop Gears
Ring of the Forest-0 Gemcraft Ring of the Forest
Cloaker Icon Ghosttown Cloaker
Lucky Coin Goldmire Lucky Coin
Keeper Icon Granite Keeper
Firefly Robes Grasslands Firefly Robes
Firefly Gem Grassy Plains Earth Gem
ClipClop Icon Grumpus ClipClop
Dyno Egg-0 Hatchery Dyno Egg
Serrazig Icon Heatwave Serrazig
Hunter Hat Icon Hunterlands Hunter's Hat
Ice Symbol Icefields Ice Element
Snow Banner Icelands Snow Banner
Leaderboard Illustrus Leaderboard
Magi's Shroud Incantrik Magi's Robes
Modified Organ Keynote Modified Organ
Factory Key Keystone Factory Key
Hunter Coat King's Bounty Hunter's Outfit
Spooky Candle Lamplight Sacred Candle
Liosen Icon Landlion Liosen
Captain's Hat Icon Landlubber Captain's Hat
Spindle Icon Leftfield Spindle
Lover's Band Lifeforce Lover's Band
Relic ID 16 Lightshow (Relic ID 16)
Lucky Clover Luckshrine Lucky Clover
Luminite Icon Lunaris Luminite
Mandrake-0 Mandora Mandrake
Wrench-1 Mechanico Wrench
Relic ID 23 Melty Plains (Relic ID 23)
Mountain Star-0 Memoria Mountain Star
Medallion-0 Monsteye Medallion
Black Fang Icon Monstroville Black Fang Hat
Lunar Staff-1 Moonsight Lunar Staff
Frost Saber Robes Naturill Frost Saber Robes
Fathom Icon Oceanus Fathom
Shell1 Ocshell Shell
Magic Flute Orchestret Flute
Ashlet Icon Phoenick Ashlet
Firewing Icon Phoenixurn Firewing
Parrot Pirate Bay Parrot
Scrap Wood Plank Scrap Wood
Dragon Scales Powerthrone Dragon Scales
Pokkit Icon Prehistoria Pokkit
Gift Presentia Gift
Dragonfly in Amber1 Preservus Dragonfly in Amber
Gold Trophy Prodigy Gold Trophy
Fancy Tophat Icon Promenade Fancy Tophat
Power Crystal Pyrestone Power Crystal
Black Fang Coat Raidsong Black Fang Suit
Pomprikle Icon Razorfire Pomprikle
Dragonwing Icon Reptilia Dragonwing
Water Gem Riverdeep Water Gem
Cogmite Icon Robobit Cogmite
Robot Mask Icon Robonight Robot Mask
Robot Outfit Robox Robot Suit
Arboreal Icon Royalway Arboreal
Volcanic Ruby Ruby Volcanic Ruby
Firework Salabrex Fireworks
Desert Robes-0 Sandshore Desert Robe
Glacier Diamond Sapphire Glacier Diamond
Funkeel Icon Sealing Funkeel
Waterseed Seaside Waterseed
Frozen Shard-0 Shardite Frozen Shard
Ship in a Bottle Shipyard Ship in a Bottle
Squally Icon Snowbahl Squally
Silver Trophy Silverdome Silver Trophy
Trellobyte-0 Skeletus Trellobyte
Cloud Nibbler Icon Skyfall Cloud Nibbler
White Feather Skywing White Feather
Shiverchill Robes Sleetwind Shiverchill Robe
Evolotus Icon Slitherus Evolotus
Squally Icon Snowbaul Squally
Relic ID 24 Snowday (Relic ID 24)
Water Robe Softwater Water Robe
Sunfire Pod-0 Solarus Sunfire Pod
Gramophone Soundview Gramophone
Blue Pearl Icon Spellbound Blue Pearl
Aquariot Icon Sprocket Aquariot
Peeko Icon Squeekore Peeko
Ivory Star-0 Starlight Ivory Star
Time-o-tron Steamtock Time-o-tron
Relic ID 17 Stonehurst (Relic ID 17)
Fossilized Fish Stonemarr Piece of Fossilized Fish
Swarm of Bees Icon Summerwind Swarm of Bees
Sun Orb Staff Icon Sunfire Sun Orb Staff
Crystal Staff Icon The Calm Crystal Staff
Frosted Spear Icon The Deep Frosted Spear
Frozen Object-0 The Freezer Frozen Object
Specter Robes The Haunt Specter Robes
Shipwheel The Helm Shipwheel
Flikflit Icon The Hive Flikflit
Power Orb Icon The Marshes Power Orb
Pickaxe Icon The Mines Pickaxe
Angel Wing Icon The Pale Angel Wing
Mjoln-Ice Icon Thralldax Mjoln-Ice
Fire Robe Threadfire Fire Robe
Aircorn Thunderplains Aircorn
Relic ID 29 Thunderstone (Relic ID 29)
Tinkerer Outfit Timechild Tinkerer Outfit
Timekeeper Timezone Timekeeper
Tinkerer Hat Icon Tinkertown Tinkerer's Hat
Island Map Travellog Island Map
Mimic Icon Treasureland Mimic
Birch Staff Icon Treebark Training Staff
Relic ID 22 Treesprite (Relic ID 22)
Chillymoth Twilight Chillymoth
Terrosaur Skeleton Tyranus Terrosaur Fossil
Mystyyk Icon Unikind Mystyyk
Efflorescence Icon Vinewood Efflorescence
Fireseed Volcanica Fireseed
Spyglass-0 Voyatet Captain Eve's Telescope
Sharp Claw-0 Warclaw Claw Fossil
Water Symbol Waterscape Water Element
Relic ID 20 Waterworld (Relic ID 20)
Relic ID 19 Whitefrost (Relic ID 19)
Earmuffs Icon Winterhall Earmuffs
Arcticlaw Icon Wolfbreath Arcticlaw
Forest Banner Woodlands Forest Banner
Gizmotron-0 Zahlteck Gizmotron