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Quests in Prodigy (also known as trials) are all over Prodigy Island. They allow you to help out the people on Prodigy Island to obtain Gems for their specific area to defeat the Puppet Master.

Because of an update that changes quests completely, they do not have a specific name or requirement. The only exception however is Dyno Dig Oasis. Quests in The Lost Island are only daily quests for you to do and are not a requirement or part of the main story.

You must follow the path of what is guided for you given from the main NPC. They can be found in these locations:

Dyno Dig Oasis

All quests can be done by talking to Professor Scoog.

Quest Name Description Objective Reward
Welcome to OINC Scallys are causing problems for OINC, challenge a few of them to help out Defeat 2 Scallys Shovel

(Level 1)

Can You Dig It? The Professor wants you to bring him a Terrosaur bone Defeat Bone-carrying Luminite 250 Gold Coins
Hats Off Find the monster with the Professor's hat and defeat it Defeat Terromite to get Scoog's Hat Desert Hat
Getting Hot in Here Defeat fire monsters to save the oasis from roasting Defeat Sprite and Emburn 250 Gold Coins
Learning Experience Find and defeat Terromites to learn about their behaviour Defeat 4 Terromites to get Animal Tag 250 Gold Coins
TAG! You're it! Collect tags from Dynos Collect 6 Animal Tag Shovel

(Level 2)

Moog's Evil Scheme - A Novel Track down Moog's men and take a copy of his evil scheme Defeat Moog's Assistant to get Moog's Evil Scheme 250 Gold Coins
Spoke Too Soon Find and defeat Moog's head assistant, Spokes Defeat Assistant Spokes 250 Gold Coins
Crabwalking Find the Dynos that are stealing equipment from Scoog Defeat Pokkits for 6 Digging Equipment 600 Gold Coins
Egg Hunt Collect the eggs from Moog's egg collectors Defeat Egg Collector for 5 Dyno Egg 250 Gold Coins
The Ptrouble with Pterrotells Defeat pterrotells for Moog, and discover what has them so cranky Defeat 4 Pterrotells 250 Gold Coins
Dyno Force Four Defeat Moog's henchman and his Dynos! Defeat Moog's Henchman, Rocksy, Stampsy, and Crabbsy Desert Robes
Nesting Grounds Defeat different Dynos, and follow them to the nest Defeat 3 of each Trampel, Pokkit, Pterrotell, and Terromite 250 Gold Coins
The Bigger They Are... Defeat the incoming Dynos! Defeat 2 Pterrocks and 3 Stampeeds 250 Gold Coins
Prehistoric Panic It's Professor Moog and the Primo Dyno! Defeat them! Defeat Primo and Moog Shovel

(Level 3)