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Note that quests have been changed, and the following listed below is now outdated, but will still be part of it as it's history. Page needs to be redone.


Quests in Prodigy are all over Prodigy Island! They allow you to help out the people on Prodigy Island and you can obtain gold, items, etc. The quests can be all found at these locations:

- Barnacle Cove

- Bonfire Spire

- Dark Tower

- Dyno Dig Oasis

- Firefly Forest

- Lamplight Docks

- Shiverchill Mountains

- Skywatch

List of Quests (During older versions); incomplete

Firefly Forest

Quest Name Objective Location NPC to start quest Reward
Get Off My Lawn! Defeat 2 TripTrops in her garden Firefly Forest Flora 250 Gold coins
The Seed is Planted Defeat Saplettes and obtain 3 seeds from them Firefly Forest Flora 250 Gold coins
Unwelcome Visitors Defeat the 2 TripTrops and 1 Truckle. Firefly Forest Flora Mudball
Litter Miss Perfect Defeat monsters, until you obtain the Tin Can item.

*If you were doing the previous quests, you may have obtained this item already.

Firefly Forest Flora ?
Budding Gardener Obtain a Mandrake from a Forest Neek Firefly Forest Flora ?
The Pondfather Defeat all the Pondfathers all in one fight. (Don't remember how many there are, but I'm sure there is more than 4.) Firefly Forest Flora Whirlwind (Grass spell)
Get, Move, Scoot Defeat Shades and Monkeys Firefly Forest Flora ?
Suspicious Minds Defeat Shades, collect gems Firefly Forest Flora ?
Spookulous Defeat the Polluter Firefly Forest Flora Leaf Wind

Bonfire Spire

Quest Name Objective Location NPC to start quest Reward
Chef's Assistant Defeat 2 Tinygers Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs ?
Three Bags o' Problems Defeat Sprites until you obtain 3 Bags of Flour (Name?) Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs ?
Out Of My Way! Defeat 2 Sprites and 3 Flame Neeks Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs Fireball (spell)
To Light the Way Defeat Monsters in Bonfire Spire until you obtain 3 Fire Flowers Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs ?
Needle in a Haystack Defeat Emburns until you obtain 1 Green Key Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs Embers Boots
Who, What, WHERE? Defeat Monsters in Bonfire Spire Until You Find 1 Map. *The Monster carrying the map will be called "Map-carrying <monster name>" Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs ?
Too Many Monsters Defeat 5 Burnewts and 2 Mystembers Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs ?
The Legendary Shopping List Defeat 3 Dragic Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs ?
I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

Defeat Dragling until you obtain 1 Chicken

Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs ?
Main Dish Alfredo Defeat the monster "Assistant Alfredo." It has the appearence of a Tinyger. Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs 250 Gold coins
Pesto On the Side Defeat "Pesto's Assistant" and "Assistant Pesto" until you obtain __ Gold Rings, 4 Apples, and ___ Croissants. Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs Infernal Helm
Shake and Bake Defeat 3 Hotpots Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs Razorfire (Fire spell)
Spice Up Your Life Defeat the "Spice Guys" all in one battle. The "Spice Guys" are 4 monsters named "Tasty Spice", "Bitter Spice", "Flavor Spice", and "Much Spice" Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs Staff of Flames
Too Much Spice Defeat Ultra Spice(?) Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs Flametongue's Cloak
Turn Up the Heat Defeat the Boss "Slow Cooker" Bonfire Spire Chef Mugs Firerain (Fire spell)


Quest Name Objective Location NPC to start quest Reward
They Are Coming Defeat 2 Hobs Skywatch Cumulo 250 Gold coins
The Sky Is Falling! Defeat Luminites until you obtain 3 Spare Parts Skywatch Cumulo 250 Gold coins
Cloud TRIALS Defeat 3 Cloud Nibblers Skywatch Cumulo Cloudshot (spell)
Vandals and Thieves Defeat Part-Carrying Hob's until you obtain 3 Gears Skywatch Cumulo Skywalkers
Wrench in the Gears Defeat Cloud Neeks until you obtain 1 Wrench Skywatch Cumulo 250 Gold coins
Head Hob Defeat the 2 "Grunt Hob"s and 1 "Hob Leader" in one battle Skywatch Cumulo Bolt (spell)
The Birds Defeat 2 ___s and 5 Browls Skywatch Cumulo ?
Bird is the word Defeat 5 Squawks Skywatch Cumulo ?
Big Bird Defeat 1 "Big Bird" Skywatch Cumulo ?
I have the power! Collect 1 Green Feather Skywatch Cumulo Trinity(Spell)
Rod! Rod! Rod! Collect 1 Scepter Skywatch Cumulo ?
Popular Mechanic Defeat Mechanic Lumiot Skywatch Cumulo A Thunderdome spell?
Who's in charge? Collect 1 Lightning Stone Skywatch Cumulo Angelic Shroud
Stormy Weather Defeat 1"Nebluff", 3 "Luminox", 5 "Cloud Gobbler". Skywatch Cumulo Dream
King of the Hill Defeat Boss: King Tortox Skywatch Cumulo Shocksphere (Spell)

The Dark Tower

Quest Name Objective Location NPC to start quest Reward Health
Level 50? Defeat "Grandoff, The Father Of Dragons" The Dark Tower Mira Depends (About 5-10 stars based on level) Has about 150 health/38 hearts
Level 100? Level 100? The Dark Tower Mira  ?  ?

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