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Please remember that you can edit more and contribute to a much more helpful wiki: Prodigy Math Game Wiki!  Potions are power-ups that were added to Prodigy on May 14, 2017. Potions can be bought in Lamplight Town east of the Pet shop. View List of Items for more info on these items. *NOTE:Only members can purchase potions, sorry to non-members.

List of Potions

  • Always Critical
  • Critical Chance Up
  • Damage Bonus
  • Earth Resist
  • Fire Resist
  • Ice Resist
  • Resist All
  • Storm Resist
  • Strong Damage Bonus
  • Strong Earth Resist
  • Strong Fire Resist
  • Strong Ice Resist
  • Strong Resist All
  • Strong Storm Resist
  • Strong Water Resist
  • Water Resist