Noot is the NPC who guides you through a tutorial in the very beginning of the game when you first create an account on Prodigy and start playing.


In the newer updates, he's a fairy with pink skin, having a yellow-orange fading to chocolate-type colored hair shaped in a swirl as well as his tail, white and silver spiky wings, red bandana around his neck, and wearing clothing with colors being half of light blue and white with the hat having a brown square-swirl type design.

During the older versions of the game when you first started, Noot used to have a completely different design and isn't flying like the Noot in the current version. (Ver. 1.18.0 and below?)



The fairy guide that helps you, he/it is basically your parent figure in the game. Although he can be very protective, he can get useless and weak when the Warden Keystones were stolen. He warns you when you are in danger (during a quest), and/or becomes mischievous and steals 100 Gold Coins when your whole team faints in battle.

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