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Please remember that you can edit more and contribute to a much more helpful wiki: Prodigy Math Game Wiki! Neeks are a type of pet in Prodigy. They are found in their specific zones and when captured, can undergo two evolutions, becoming Callers, then Creators in the next evolution.


All Neeks look the same, but depending on the element, can have a different color, staff gem, and a wizard robe. They appear as a short mage with a black face holding the small wand in its hand with brown shoes.

On the Caller evolution they look a bit taller as well as having a much bigger staff and the inside of their robe changed to a grey clothing that also has circles and yellow spikes.

On the Creator evolution, its face will look aggressive and angry as well has having horns on the top of their robe as well as the shoulder on the robe now containing the grey circles as shown inside as well as a spiked curve around their head, and the staff having 2 golden horns with its specific type of element that the Neek is.

Storm Type

Name Location Description Power Life Growth
Cloud Neek Skywatch Born from the clouds on warm days, the Cloud Neek will hide in bushes and create small winds, blowing off wizards' hats. B B- A
Cloud Caller ? Cloud Callers grow tired of the forests and plains quickly, and ascend to the clouds at an early age. B B A-
Cloud Creator ? When bored, Cloud Creators will often create thunderstorms on clear days, just to hear the thunder boom. B B+ B+
Spell Level Unlocked

Cloud Neek: 1, Cloud Caller: 1, Cloud Creator: 1


Cloud Neek: 4, Cloud Caller: 4, Cloud Creator: 5


Cloud Neek: 8, Cloud Caller: 8, Cloud Creator: 10


Cloud Neek: 17, Cloud Caller: 18, Cloud Creator: 19


Cloud Neek: 28, Cloud Caller: 29, Cloud Creator: 31

Storm's Coming

Cloud Neek: 45, Cloud Caller: 47, Cloud Creator: 48

Fire Type

Name Location Description Power Life Growth
Flame Neek Bonfire Spire A Flame Neek is born from small flames, such as flickering candles or dying campfires in the forest. B B- A
Flame Caller ? Flame Callers have mouths but choose not to speak - instead concocting their own language in flame. B B A-
Flame Creator ? The staff of a Flame Creator is very ordinary, but the fire magic produced from it is legendary. B B+ B+
Spell Level Unlocked

Flame Neek: 1, Flame Caller: 1, Flame Creator: 1


Flame Neek: 4, Flame Caller: 4, Flame Creator: 5


Flame Neek: 8, Flame Caller: 8, Flame Creator: 10


Flame Neek: 17, Flame Caller: 18, Flame Creator: 19

Fire Rain

Flame Neek: 28, Flame Caller: 29, Flame Creator: 31


Flame Neek: 45, Flame Caller: 47, Flame Creator: 48

Earth Type

Name Location Description Power Life Growth
Forest Neek Firefly Forest Once born, a Forest Neek hides in the leaves of the trees, dropping acorns on the heads of passing wizards below. B B- A
Forest Caller ? Large gusts of wind may signify the presence of Forest Callers, which have the ability to 'ride' the winds. B B A-
Forest Creator ? Forest Creators are not particularly smart and have terrible memories - but are kindhearted and use their magic to help others. B B+ B+
Spell Level Unlocked

Forest Neek: 1, Forest Caller: 1, Forest Creator: 1


Forest Neek: 4, Forest Caller: 4, Forest Creator: 5

Leaf Wind

Forest Neek: 8, Forest Caller: 8, Forest Creator: 10


Forest Neek: 17, Forest Caller: 18, Forest Creator: 19


Forest Neek: 28, Forest Caller: 29, Forest Creator: 31


Forest Neek: 45, Forest Caller: 47, Forest Creator: 48

Ice Type

Name Location Description Power Life Growth
Ice Neek Shiverchill Mountains An Ice Neek is commonly found in places with low temperatures, but also has a strange curiosity towards fire. B B- A
Ice Caller ? Whenever a snowstorm is present, you can bet an Ice Caller is somewhere in the midst of it. It's rumored that they use these storms as a form of showering. B B A-
Ice Creator ? An Ice Creator is a rare sight, found only in the coldest, deepest dungeons. They are fiercely territorial, often claiming entire dungeons for themselves. B B+ B+
Spell Level Unlocked
Ice Cannon

Ice Neek: 1, Ice Caller: 1, Ice Creator: 1

Ice Prison

Ice Neek: 4, Ice Caller: 4, Ice Creator: 5


Ice Neek: 8, Ice Caller: 8, Ice Creator: 10

Glacial Shield

Ice Neek: 17, Ice Caller: 18, Ice Creator: 19


Ice Neek: 28, Ice Caller: 29, Ice Creator: 31

Ice to Meet You

Ice Neek: 45, Ice Caller: 47, Ice Creator: 48

Water Type

Name Location Description Power Life Growth
River Neek Shipwreck Shore A newborn River Neek will hide in the shallows of ponds and rivers, blowing bubbles and teasing small fish. B B- A
River Caller ? The bottoms of large lakes are commonly filled with River Callers, who hold parties from time to time with the fish. B B A-
River Creator ? River Creators grow attached to small bodies of water, and will replenish them in times of drought. B B+ B+
Spell Level Unlocked
Water Blast

River Neek: 1, River Caller: 1, River Creator: 1

Water Bomb

River Neek: 4, River Caller: 4, River Creator: 5

Rainy Day

River Neek: 8, River Caller: 8, River Creator: 10

Water Bubble

River Neek: 17, River Caller: 18, River Creator: 19


River Neek: 28, River Caller: 29, River Creator: 31

Angel's Fountain

River Neek: 45, River Caller: 47, River Creator: 48

Evolution Level

All Neeks evolve into their Caller form at level 12,

All Callers evolve into their Creator form at level 24.

Note: If above this level they will evolve when levelled up.