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About Prodigy

Prodigy is a free educational game (which started sometime in 2015) that is for students which provides a way to teach them the curriculum for math in Grades 1 - 8, and has a main purpose to get them to be ready for standardized testing using an MORPG type-style game to keep them entertained. It has over 16 million players, and is mainly used by teachers in schools as well as by parents for their child.

Its story's plot is basically revolved around a Wizard who will be you, on an island called Prodigy where you will be having to stop the antagonist's evil plans known as the Puppet Master. In order to do that, you must solve quests in multiple areas, fight monsters that the Puppet Master set a mind spell on, catch pets, power up your Wizard, do challenges like the Coliseum or Dark Tower, and figure out how to recover all the Warden Keystones to open a path back to the Academy which was scattered around the island by the Puppet Master. The only way to stop the Puppet Master, is by of course, doing math.

Current Version
The version is currently 1.107.1. (June ~5th, 2018 update)
 (Last check: 2018-06-05 4:30:51 EST)    

Prodigy is not made by us, it is made and owned by SMARTeacher Inc.
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