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Magmischief is a Fire pet in Prodigy.

Magmischief is one of the newer pets (who is an epic) that have been added awhile after Big Hex has been released, as well as other 3 pets coming with the update. It can only be obtained from buying the Toy from the Prodigy store.

Magmischief hats and staffs are obtainable by going to a merchant and trading in 15 copper coins for either a staff or hat, with its own unique design representing the corresponding epic.

Magmischief's gender being male is confirmed from the sentence;

"Here's Magmischief, the mischievous magma-loving monster! This sneaky guy loves the heat, but that just makes him cool!"


It doesn't evolve from anything or to anything.


"While traveling underground, Magmischief can sense movement on the surface, so he knows exactly where to appear and get the biggest scare out of those who have entered Bonfire Spire."


Pet spells:

Attack Level Unlocked
Fireball 1
Embers 5
Charclone 10
Razorfire 19
Fire Rain 31
Dragos 48