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Please remember that you can edit more and contribute to a much more helpful wiki: Prodigy Math Game Wiki! Magic Eggs are an item given in Springfest (March 22 - Now) They can be used to buy these items:

Bunny Items:

Cost (in Magic Eggs)

.Bunny Bandit Buddy (Member)

16 eggs

.Bunny Ranger Dirk (Member)

16 eggs

.Bunny Ranger Cap (Member)

12 eggs

.Bunny Ranger Tunic (Member)

12 eggs

.Bunny Scout Spear

6 eggs

.Bunny Scout Tunic

5 eggs

.Bunny Scout Cap

5 eggs

.Bunny Bandit Bed (Member)

20 eggs

.Bunny Carrot Cabinet (Member)

8 eggs
.Bunny Scout Chair 3 eggs

Fox Items: Cost (in Magic Eggs)
.Fox Battle Buddy (Member) 16 eggs

.Fox Knight Helm (Member)

12 eggs
.Fox Knight Blade (Member) 16 eggs

.Fox Knight Armor (Member)

12 eggs
.Fox Squire Helm 5 eggs
.Fox Squire Blade 6 eggs
.Fox Squire Armor 5 eggs
.Fox Battle Tapestry 3 eggs
.Fox Catapult (Member) 8 eggs
.Fox Sword in Stone (Member) 20 eggs
.Fox Coat of Arms (Member) 8 eggs

Pictures of Magic Eggs:


A Magic Egg in the March 22nd title screen.


A bundle of Magic Eggs.


Springfest icon (Contains a Magic Egg)


A Magic Egg in the currency icon.


Store icon of Magic Eggs.