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Please remember that you can edit more and contribute to a much more helpful wiki: Prodigy Math Game Wiki! The following is a list of wands that can be found in Prodigy. They are special items you can equip on your avatar to increase the amount of damage that you deal in battle. Like all other items in the game, there are special member-only wands and staffs which can only be equipped with membership. They can still be obtained from battle, but you cannot equip them unless you buy a membership.


Image Name Damage Bonus Rarity In-Game Description Member Wand?
Adamantium Staff Icon Adamantium Staff 10 Made from the strongest of metals, its beauty is only matched by its power. No
Adamantium Wand Icon Adamantium Wand 10 Its strength is with shimmering materials which are unsurpassed by any other metal wand, it has been known to block even the most potent of spells. No
Angel Wing Icon Angel Wing 20 This staff was once paired with another just like it and belonged to twin wizards. Yes
Angelic Shard Icon Angelic Shard 20 Charmed with a celestial power, wizards take it to be a symbol of justice and good. Yes
Arctursus Power Rod Icon Arctursus Power Rod 40 This rod was forged by the Warden that gave Arctursus his frost gauntlets. No
Batwing Wand Icon Batwing Wand 30 Those who hold this wand can sense what is around them even in the darkest of caves - much like the bat, which gives the wand its name. Yes
Big Hex Conductor Icon Big Hex Conductor 40 This was made by Big Hex himself! No
Birch Staff Icon Birch Staff 10 In the old days wizards would carve their own staffs from the wood of the forests, this one seems quite old. No
Birch Wand Icon Birch Wand 10 A creative wizard carved this himself from a branch in a nearby forest. No
Blue Pearl Icon Blue Pearl 20 Its orb pulsates when close to the ocean and water pets hum gently in its presence. Yes
Bonfire Icon Bonfire 30 Forged in the heat of the Bonfire Spire, it inspires both fear and awe in anyone who opposes it. Yes
Butterfly Wand Icon Butterfly Wand 20 A magical wand created by the Fairies of Firefly Forest. No
Id 101 icon weapon Candy Corn Wand 20 At the very tip of the wand is where the magic is strongest. No
Caster Clam Icon Caster Clam 10 Not the most powerful wand out there, but people who live under the sea love it for its style. No
Casting Candle Icon Casting Candle 30 This is the primary tool used by the Candle Knights. Like the helmet, the light on this candle can never be extinguished. No
Cheeple's Toy Wand Icon Cheeple's Toy Wand 20 Often given to young wizards who love that it squawks when it casts a spell. Yes
Chill Char Gladius Chill Char Gladius 30 A double-edged spell-sword that blends Chill & Char's opposing elements. No
Clawed Staff Icon Clawed Staff 30 The standard-issue weapon of a Bounty Hunter. Its claw is perfect for catching rogue monsters. No
Crystal Staff Icon Crystal Staff 30 As beautiful as it is elegant, it can be used to break light into parts that can be weaved into powerful spells. Yes
Crystal Staff Icon new Crystal staff 40 A staff made of crystal! No
Crystal Wand Icon Crystal Wand 20 Transparent, it's easy to admire the beauty of the energy being charged inside this wand just before a spell is cast. Yes
Diamond Staff Icon Diamond Staff 10 Diamond is very hard and very sharp, it's recommended that you wear gloves when using this staff. Yes
Diamond Wand Icon Diamond Wand 10 The diamond in this wand has not been shaped or cut, leaving its earthly energy untouched. Yes
Diveodile Sea Staff Icon Diveodile Sea Staff 40 This staff was crafted by townsfolk that lived on the eastern shore of the island, in the hopes that it would help them protect their waters as Diveodile did. No
Draconyx Icon Draconyx 40 There's something about this staff that you don't like - as if strange whispers beckon you to hold it and never let go. No
Dragon Staff Icon Dragon Staff 20 Used by the Dragon Tamers of old, no one knows if it retains its power to control the winged beasts. Do you dare find out? Yes
Dragon's Bane Icon Dragon's Bane 30 The wand used to end the reign of "Carcus the Terrible", its origins are a mystery. Yes
Dragonwing Icon Dragonwing 20 Hold on tight! Many unsuspecting wizards have watched this wand fly away. Yes
Dragos Icon Dragos 40 Also known as the "Heart of the Dragon", the limits of this staff's power have never been reached. Yes
Dream Icon Dream 20 Made by a Dreamweaver, if used correctly, it can put your opponent into a deep sleep. Yes
Eclipse Sky Scythe Eclipse Sky Scythe 30 The curve of the moon against the darkness of space are captured in this impressive battle weapon. No
Efflorescence Icon Efflorescence 20 Its wielder need have no fear of the dark. When shaken, this staff puts out a powerful light. Yes
Enchanted Stick Icon-0 Enchanted Stick 20 The most unassuming of wands, it is said to be imbued with natural energy. No
Energy Staff Icon Energy Staff 20 This staff likely used to be much more powerful...when it worked. Now, it just seems to be used to intimidate. No
Fairy Sword Icon Fairy Sword 30 This magical blade was created by fairies for other creatures who defend their forest. Yes
Fiery Dragon Baton Fiery Dragon Baton 10 A small dragon curls around this baton, lending his power to every spell you cast. No
Firebrand Icon Firebrand 20 The wand that belonged to Crios as a child, he cast it aside as "weak" when he entered the Academy. Yes
Firewing Icon-0 Firewing 20 It was once a wizard's pet Phoenix that reliquished its magic to empower his wand. It saved him from peril most great. Yes
Flamerose Wand Icon Flamerose Wand 30 Designed to appear like the mythical Flamerose, a rare flower that grows only on the side of the Bonfire Spire. Yes
Flame Stick of Dragonfire Flame Stick of Dragonfire 20 Flames shoot from your hand as you cast spell after spell with this sick Stick of Dragonfire! No
Florafox Wand
Florafox Wand 40 This wand was grown in the same garden as Florafox. It is said to hold the same plant-healing magic that Florafox can create. No
Frost Blade Icon Frost Blade 20 Forged in the sheer cold of a Shiverchill night on the mountainside. These were the magic-casters of choice for many who lived around the mountain. No
Frosted Spear Icon Frosted Spear 20 Its central gem comes from deep in the Shiverchill Mountains, allowing wizards to turn the water in the air to ice. Yes
Frozen Shard Icon Frozen Shard 30 Cold to the touch, wizards who use it shiver uncontrollably and their lips turn blue. No
Fungoid Icon-0 Fungoid 30 Many wizards refuse to make their wands from living trees, instead they grow this wand from the forest's soils. Yes
Gizmotron 30 A modified machine, the gizmotron stores magic inside and releases it at the user's will. Yes
Glassfire Icon Glassfire 30 This strange orb seems to have a small elemental stuck inside, though it seems happy enough in there. No
Granite Staff Icon Granite Staff 10 Only the strongest wizards can carry the weight of this staff, giving it the nickname the "Staff of Giants". No
Granite Wand Icon Granite Wand 10 A geologist wizard once claimed a wand could be made from rocks, this one proves it! No
HailstoneIcon Hailstone 20 The central stone for this staff can only be gathered during storms on the coldest winter nights by the Shiverchill Tribes. Yes
Hockey Stick Hockey Stick 10 Do you feel pucky? Well...DO YA??? That might be a sticky question, but here is the sticky answer. No
Hurricane Icon Hurricane 20 To save her village, a wizard once ran into the eye of a storm. When it abated, all that remained was this wand. Yes
Granite Staff Icon Iron Staff 10 Used by the monks of the ancient lands, many have adopted its use because of its common materials and uncommon strength. No
Granite Wand Icon Iron Wand 10 Though rough to the touch and very heavy, its got plenty of power for the everyday wizard. No
Ivory Star Icon Ivory Star 20 Just like the stars themselves, it is most powerful under the cover of night. Yes
Jellyfish Wand Icon Jellyfish Wand 20 Designed to harness magical spells by using the shape of a jellyfish as a focal point. No
Luma Sun Ray Rod Luma Sun Ray Rod 30 Harness the sun fire of Luma with this shining bladed wand of power. No
Lunar Staff Icon Lunar Staff 20 Made for a wizard who was also a werewolf, its power strengthens as the moon approaches full. Yes
Adamantium Staff Icon Magite Staff 10 The Magi liked staffs over wands because they were longer and they reached closer to the stars. Yes
Magite Wand Icon Magite Wand 10 Students of the stars, the Magi loved the setting sun most of all, making this their favorite wand. Yes
Magmischief Fire Rod Magmischief Fire Rod 40 The rod was fashioned out of a stalagmite made of magma in a deep, hidden cave in Bonfire Spire. No
Minotaur's Head Icon Minotaur's Head 30 A prize given to those who have successfully navigated the Labyrinth, it prevents them from ever being lost again. Yes
Mira's Staff Icon Mira's Staff 40 A gift from the great wizard Mira. Just holding this staff makes you feel stronger than ever before. No
Diamond Staff Icon Mithril Staff 10 This staff has an aura of old power around it. Did it come from somewhere far away? No
Diamond Wand Icon Mithril Wand 10 Not as rare as it once was, Mithril is still popular amongst the wizards of distant lands. No
Mjoln-Ice Icon Mjoln-Ice 30 A mystic hammer wielded by the great Frost Beard - some say the hammer grants its wielder the powers of a Norse god. No
Montoya's Blade Montoya's Blade 30 It was once said that this blade was made for an evil man who had more than 5 fingers! No
Nature's Bloom Icon-0 Nature's Bloom 20 During the winter its leaf withers and falls off but always grows again the following spring. Yes
Onyx Staff Icon Onyx Staff 10 It's smooth and polished to shine. It's clear a fine craftsman made this beautiful staff. No
Onyx Wand Icon Onyx Wand 10 Its dark stone sparkles, making it look like stars in the night sky. No
Perching Fire Dragon Lance Perching Fire Dragon Lance 30 Wield the full fury of dragonfire with this lance of elemental power. No
Phoenix Talon Icon Phoenix Talon 30 Containing the power of the Phoenix, some say the one who holds it can recover from any injury. Yes
Pickaxe Icon-0 Pickaxe 10 A standard-issue pickaxe, popular among the miners who used to inhabit the Shiverchill mines. No
Power Orb Icon-0 Power Orb 40 This weapon is wielded only by the greatest of Bounty Hunters. Nearby monsters are drawn to its crystalline orb with a hypnotic pull. No
Pumpkin Wand Icon Pumpkin Wand 20 A plastic wand replica of the original Pumpkin Lord's weapon of choice... Yes
Onyx Staff Icon Pyrium Staff 10 Pyrium is difficult to work with. It must have taken a great blacksmith to make this staff. No
Pyrium Wand Icon Pyrium Wand 10 Though it looks like gold, it's not. Pyrium is prized for its strength and flexibility, making this a very durable wand. No
Remote Ship Icon Remote Ship 30 This little remote may look normal, but something is awful strange about it. Maybe because it doesn't need batteries... Yes
Sacred Flame Icon Sacred Flame 20 For those who hail from the Spire, this wand that carries a flame from Bonfire is respected and admired. Yes
Shovel Icon Shovel 0 N/A No
Id 100 icon weapon Smoky Spatula 10 It casts magic, and can flip burgers. What more could you want? No
Spiral Shell Spellcaster Icon Spiral Shell Spellcaster 20 This ancient wand had been lost in the ocean many years ago after a battle with the Order of Influence. No
Spooky Candle Icon Spooky Candle 20 There's nothing really wrong with this candle, but it does kind of give you the creeps. No
Staff of Flames Icon Staff of Flames 20 Commonly used by the Flameweavers of the Spire to create beautiful burning patterns in the night sky. No
Staff of the Duelist Icon Staff of the Duelist 30 Crios once swore that if anyone could beat him in a duel, he'd give them this staff. Looks like you did it! No
Staff of Winter Icon Staff of Winter 30 In the hands of the ice king of old, this staff was used to turn those who insulted his beard into frozen statues. Yes
Granite Staff Icon Steel Staff 10 The choice of wizard knights of old, who could carry the lightweight staff with all their heavy armor on. No
Granite Wand Icon Steel Wand 10 Forged from various metals by blacksmiths, some wizards feel that its the best material for wands. No
Sun Orb Staff Icon-0 Sun Orb Staff 40 Its heat is so immense that its owner must possess great knowledge of fire magic simply to be in its presence. Yes
Sunburst Wand Icon Sunburst Wand 20 A ball of energy from the sun itself. Yes
Swarm of Bees Icon-0 Swarm of Bees 30 No description available. No
The Master of Trials Icon The Master of Trials 40 To be held only by the Trial Masters, its powers are the stuff of legends. How did you get it? No
Tidal Sphere Icon Tidal Sphere 20 Long sought after by pirates who can use it to push their ships through the waves. No
Tidus Blade of Waves Tidus Blade of Waves 30 Feel the fury of the depths with each swing of this heroic weapon. No
Titan Conqueror Power Katana Titan Conqueror Power Katana 30 Forged from repurposed Titan Shards. Concentrated Astral magic from the Shards focuses spells that emit from this sword into powerful energy blasts. No
Parrot Toy Parrot 20 This was a favorite wand among pirate children! Yes
Training Staff Icon Training Staff 10 Some say that staffs are more powerful but are also harder to use, making this staff very important for training. No
Training Wand Icon Training Wand 10 Also known as the "Safety Wand", it is used by all academy wizards to reduce injury during training. No
Turtle Topper Turtle Topper 30 The stoic turtle figure on this wand was made to honor a wise old tortoise. No
TuskTooth Icon TuskTooth 30 An ancient staff from the realms of the Shiverchill tribes, it is thought to possess an animal spirit. No
Twisted Staff Icon Twisted Staff 20 This staff was grown by tree whisperers in the roots of the elder trees deep in the heart of the Firefly Forest. Yes
Umbrella Icon Umbrella 40 Whack enemies and protect yourself from rain! No
Veggie Rod Icon Veggie Rod 30 A wacky old wizard thought that vegetables had some hidden magical power, and so they created this staff. Maybe they were right? Yes
Vita Icon-0 Vita 20 Energizing whoever holds it, this staff was forged entirely from the earth by ancient wizards using a method now lost. No
Vorpald Blade Icon Vorpald  Blade 30 These swords appeared in Firefly Forest, allegedly from another dimension! No
Wand of Dreams Icon Wand of Dreams 20 Whoever possesses this wand will never have a dreamless sleep and when they dream of the future, it always comes true. Yes
Wanderer's Staff Icon Wanderer's Staff 20 Friend to the wizard who travels far from home, it comforts a lonely heart and smells of fresh bread. Yes
Wingblade Icon Wingblade 30 Legend says these swords belonged to the Sky Knights who fought on the backs of Pegasi a long time ago. Yes
Winter Bell
Winter Bell 10 Its sound is beautiful, but don't be lulled by its enchanting tones. No
Wrench 20 Not a very powerful weapon, but certainly useful for tightening bolts! No
Weapon id 112 Snow Shovel 10 How could it be a winter without one of these in your hand? Great for clearing paths or building snow forts. Yes