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In Prodigy, there are a countless amount of oufits and robes. They are special items you can equip on your avatar to increase the amount of heath that you have. Like all other items in the game, there are special member-only outfits which can only be equipped with membership. They can still be obtained from battle, but you cannot equip them unless you buy a membership.The following is a list of the outfits and robes that are obtained.

Image Name of Outfit Health Bonus Rarity In-Game Description Member Outfit?
Admiral's Coat Icon Admiral's


60 This old coat belonged to the admiral who led the charge against the evil Order of Influence many years ago. No
Air Robe Air Robe 20 The standard robe worn by initiated members of the Academy's Storm School. Yes
Angelic Shroud Angelic Shroud 40 Only the most powerful wizards wear this enchanted robe, adorned with eagle's feathers. Yes
Anorak Suit Anorak Suit 60 Need to keep warm in those winter days? It may not be a robe, but it sure is warm! No
Aquascale Armor Aquascale Armor 60 The strong power of dragons suits you. No
Bee Suit Bee Suit 60 'Fly like a bee and sting like a bee'. Wait, that's not right... No
Black Fang Coat Black Fang Coat 80 This outfit is worn only by the greatest of Bounty Hunters. It is a testament to the skill of its wearer. No
Blue Star Jersey Blue Star Jersey 20 More than a shirt for you, this is a uniform for Team Blue! No
Bonfire Robes Bonfire Robes 40 These can only be worn by those who have seen the "Bonfire of the Spire", a volcanic eruption, up close. Yes
Buccaneer's Digs Buccaneer's Digs 40 The choice clothes of deckhands and mates everywhere. Watch out, captains will be sure to shout orders at you. Yes
Candle Knight Armor Candle Knight Armor 60 This armor was used by Candle Knights for protection. No
Captain's Digs Captain's Digs 60 Don't these just scream "Arggg"? They even come with the optional hook attachment! Yes
Training Garb Cloth Robe 20 Light and durable, this robe is prized by wizards both young and old for its comfort. Yes
Crimson Cloak Crimson Cloak 40 It is common to see this robe worn by individuals at formal gatherings. Yes
Culix Robe Culix Robe 20 Specially designed for a northern wizard who studied the history of magic, Culix's diaries are required reading for student wizards. No
Deep Diving Suit Icon Deep Diving Suit 60 It's so old that it won't help you stay underwater anymore, but it's still sturdy. No
Deluxe Gilt Gift Deluxe Gilt Gift 40 Created by a famous 'wrapper', this outfit has bling, but is also...square? No matter, it is simply the best, and you gotta have it. No
Desert Robes-0 Desert Robes 40 These robes protect the wearer from the brutal weather in the desert. Yes
Diggin' Outfit Diggin' Outfit 60 This is the outfit of the Oasis Institute of Natural Creatures (OINC). Yes
Dire Pirate Tunic Icon Dire Pirate Tunic 40 Great for adventure on the high seas! No
Draconyx Gear Draconyx Gear 80 Worn by ancient battle wizards, this gear seems to fit you perfectly, almost as if you were meant to wear it. No
Dragon Scales Dragon Scales 60 Made from the hide of "Carcus the Terrible" the most unforgiving dragon ever known. Yes
Dragon Spike Robes Dragon Spike Robes 60 In close combat these spikes are dangerous indeed. Be careful when you're around your friends! Yes
Duelist Robes Duelist Robes 60 The robes of one of the greatest wizards in the Academy. Yes
Durofibre Robe Durofibre Robe 20 Modern wizards love how soft these robes feel, often worn by academics in libraries. No
Earth Robe Earth Robe 20 The standard robe worn by initiated members of the Academy's Earth School. Yes
Fairy Dress Icon Fairy Dress 20 A classical green fairy dress. No
Fancy Holiday Present Fancy Holiday Present 20 Let everyone know you are not only here, you are PRESENT! No
Fernscale Armor Fernscale Armor 40 The lightest dragon scales make this elegant armor. No
Fire Robe Fire Robe 20 The standard robe worn by initiated members of the Academy's Fire School. Yes
Firefly Robes Firefly Robes 60 A magical robe made from the leaves and materials found in Firefly Forest. Yes
Frost Beard's Clasp Frost Beard's Clasp 60 The magic armor of the great Viking Frost Beard - a mystic wind constantly billows its cape. Yes
Frost Knight Armor Icon Frost Knight Armor 40 Armor forged from ice found at the top of Shiverchill Mountain. No
Frost Saber Robes Frost Saber Robes 60 These wooly robes will keep you warm in cold weather...but don't wear them in the sun! Yes
Glacial Ward Glacial Ward 60 It is said the ice crystals used to make this robe will protect its wearer from bad things. No
Heavy Robe Heavy Robe 20 Made for wizards who don't like being cold but don't mind being itchy. No
Hunter Coat Hunter Coat 60 The standard-issue garb of a Bounty Hunter. It holds up in the toughest of situations. No
Jelly Hakama Icon Jelly Hakama 60 They're made from a material that mimics the magic-resistance of jellyfish. Commonly worn during festivals-at-sea. No
Jester's Robes Jester's Robes 40 The bells on this cloak only ring when its wearer wins a battle, never when they walk. Yes
Leather Apparel Leather Apparel 20 For the stylish wizard, these robes are intimidating and stain-resistant! Yes
Training Garb Light Clothes 20 The favourite choice of wizards on hot days, it's cool but provides little protection. Yes
Luminite Costume Luminite Costume 20 A cute Luminite costume! It's so lifelike! Yes
Magic Robes Magic Robes 40 These robes were custom made for a wizard...but they seem to fit you just right! Yes
Magi's Shroud Magi's Shroud 40 Worn by apprentice wizards, the Magi's Shroud is a light, yet magical garb. Yes
Magi-thread Outfit Magi-thread Outfit 20 The Magi were ancient wizards that studied the stars. They wore these robes for their most important ceremonies. Yes
Mira's Robes Mira's Robes 80 These robes give off immense power, and almost seem to repel the ground below you. Yes
Mithril Robe Mithril Robe 20 As strong as it is lightweight, Mithril was once rare because it could only be found in distant lands. Yes
Mountaineer's Gear Mountaineer's Gear 20 This warm, rugged coat is equipped with a standard set of climbing equipment, a must have for exploring the mountains. No
Nice Holiday Box Nice Holiday Box None Hide under the tree or run about the streets having fun, this outfit is a present to yourself. No
Phantom Cloak Phantom Cloak 60 A magic barrier seems to emanate from the cloak...protecting you from all sorts of nasty spells. No
Pumpkin Outfit Pumpkin Outfit 60 The Pumpkin Lord is said to return every year on Pumpkinfest to rule over all pumpkins. Yes
Pyrium Robe Pyrium Robe 20 This is the product of genius weavers who were able to spin metal into colorful threads. Yes
Red Armor Red Armor 40 This armor is lighter than it looks, but it seems to be all for show...the metal actually seems to be plastic... No
Red Badge Jersey Red Badge Jersey 20 From your toes to your head, you gotta wear Team Red. No
Robot Outfit Robot Outfit 60 Whoever said that a wizard couldn't be a robot never had a chance to try these on... No
Scarecrow Costume Icon Scarecrow Costume 20 This costume's great for hanging out on a cool Pumpkinfest night with its loads of stuffing! No
Sea Sword Suit Icon Sea Sword Suit 40 The plates of the suit are flexible, so it offers protection without making it hard to move. No
Shell Body Armor Icon Shell Body Armor 60 No one is sure what creature used to live in this shell before it left to find a new home. But one thing's certain: it must have been tough. No
Shiverchill Robes Shiverchill Robes 60 The ceremonial robes of the Shiverchill Tribes. No
Sky Captain's Coat Sky Captain's Coat 20 Be the captain of all you survey with this military style coat. The brass buttons are oh so fitting. No
Skywatch Gear Skywatch Gear 40 Since the Skyfolk don't wear clothing, the humans that come up to the clouds wear this outfit to stay warm and dry. Yes
Specter Robes Specter Robes 20 The tattered robes of the legendary specter - a ghost that only shows up around Pumpkinfest. No
Steampunk Gear Gown Steampunk Gear Gown 20 Tools and spare parts fit into the hidden pockets of this classy but practical gown. No
Sun's Embrace Sun's Embrace 40 This cloak can sense its wearer and will burn more brightly when it detects fear. Yes
TEK-Y4 Jumpsuit TEK-Y4 Jumpsuit 40 The jumpsuit worn by the official TEK-Y4 dance instructors. Kind of sweaty... Yes
Tinkerer Outfit Tinkerer Outfit 40 This outfit is very stylish, but also pretty heavy-duty! The people back then sure were tough! Yes
Titan Conqueror Power Armor Titan Conqueror Power Armor 60 After Titan Shards are cleaned of Shadow by Floatlings' knowledge-based magic, they become enchanted. This power armor is powered by the cleaned Shards. No
Training Garb Training Garb 20 Worn for practice dueling, it is not uncommon to see this garb singed and torn. Yes
Trialmaster's Garb Trialmaster's Garb 100 Only the trial masters of past and present were given these robes and are forbidden to take them off. How did you get them? Yes
Vitrium Robe Vitrium Robe 40 This robe gets its name from its large blue gems, often referred to as "Water Glass". Yes
Warlock's Robe Warlock's Robe 40 A robe made from magical silk, used by student and teacher alike at the Academy. No
Warm Robes Warm Robes 40 Commonly worn in very cold places, these robes are made from many layers of fur and pelts. Yes
Water Robe Water Robe 20 The standard robe worn by initiated members of the Academy's Water School. Yes
Winterfest Outfit Winterfest Outfit 60 The official outfit worn by helpers at Winterfest! Yes
Wood Knight Armor Icon Wood Knight Armor 40 Don't let it fool you because it's made of wood. This is made from some of the sturdiest bark around! No
Yeti Coat Yeti Coat 40 Who knew that Yetis shed?! Whether the coat directly came from a Yeti or was crafted from loose hairs is unclear. No
Outfit id 76 Sunburst Ski Outfit 20 Get ready to ‘get down’ on the slopes with this sunburst ski outfit. Yes
Outfit id 78 Ice Crystal Ski Togs 40 The finest winter fashion can be yours with the Ice Crystal ski suit. Part of the elite Ice Crystal set. Yes
Outfit id 79 Snowy Snowsuit 20 Let everyone know you are up for playing in the snow with this snowy snowsuit. Yes
Outfit id 84 Glacier Armour 40 Protect yourself! Icy blasts just bounce off this hard shell of glacier ice. Yes