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The following is a list of boots that can be found in Prodigy. To summarize, boots are special clothing items that give special heart bonuses to wizards, allowing them to cast more spells on monsters as well as have more health, making it harder to get out of the game. Like all other items in the game, there are special member-only boots which can only be equipped with membership. They can still be obtained from battle, but you cannot equip them unless you buy a membership.

Image Name of Boot Health Bonus Rarity Description Member Boot?
Admiral's Boots Admiral's Boots 40 These boots have been through many adventures on the high seas, but they're still sturdy! No
Bubble Boots Bubble Boots 60 These bubbly boots make you feel like you could float through the air. No
Cloth Shoes Cloth Shoes 20 Made from cloth, don't get them wet or your feet will be cold all day! No
Crimson Boots Crimson Boots 40 These will certainly make a bold statement at your next wizarding get together. Yes
Culix Boots Culix Boots 20 Although Culix was a bit stuffy he had a great taste in shoes. No
Dire Pirate Boots Dire Pirate Boots 40 Said to be suitable for dueling on rocky terrain. No
Dragon Soles Dragon Soles 60 Are these dragonskin boots? Comfortable, but they smell a bit like burnt meat and old cave. Yes
Dragon Spike Boots Dragon Spike Boots 60 Your friend wore these spiky boots to play wizard soccer once, they don't let him play anymore. I wonder why? Yes
Duelist Boots Duelist Boots 80 Official boots of the Annual Wizard Dueling Contest, they say "The Choice of Champions" in big letters on their sides. No
Durofibre Boots Durofibre Boots 20 Sleek, stylish, and purple... No
Embers Embers 40 Made for wizards whose feet get cold. It feels like your toes are warming up in front of the fire. No
Firefly Boots Firefly Boots 60 The trademark boots of the Firefly Forest. It says they're made with moss and lots of love. Yes
Frost Saber Boots Frost Saber Boots 60 Made for battle in the cold, the shoes help you stay on top of the snow instead of sinking in. Yes
Glacial Boots Glacial Boots 40 Extremely warm, these shoes will keep your feet toasty in the mountains, but elsewhere they might make them sweaty. Yes
Heavy Shoes Heavy Shoes 20 Whoa, these are heavy! Your feet feel pretty safe, but it also feels like you're walking through mud. No
Leather Boots Leather Boots 20 The choice of the everyday wizard. They say they're hand-crafted in Spire. No
Light Shoes-0 Light Shoes 20 Lightweight and breathable they'll make your feet move faster and maybe a little less smelly. No
Magi Runners Magi Runners 40 It is said that a Magi once ran to the sun with these shoes on. You're not sure if you could, but they sure are fast. Yes
Magic Boots Magic Boots 40 You do feel suddenly more magical, but sometimes people laugh at the pointy toes. Yes
Magi-thread Boots Magi-thread Boots 20 You don't usually go for used boots, but the Magi made these long-lasting and really cool-looking. No
Magma Boots Magma Boots 60 Keep your toes warm with these lava rockin' boots inspired by Magmischief himself. No
Mithril Boots-0 Mithril Boots 20 Metal boots? You might not move that quickly, but your toes are totally protected! No
Pyrium Boots-0 Pyrium Boots 20 You can wear these boots all year long, just make sure to change your wizard socks! No
Sea Sword Boots Sea Sword Boots 40 These boots cut through water, allowing wearers to walk as easily as if they were on land. No
Shell Armor Boots Shell Armor Boots 60 These boots are so tough, they could kick through a wall made of diamond! No
Shiverchill Boots Shiverchill Boots 60 Commonly worn by the tribes of the Shiverchill Mountains, many travellers take them when going to cold places. No
Skates of Glory Skates of Glory 20 These skates are so much better than sneakers when you are out on the ice. So sit down, lace up, and go skate! No
Skywalkers-0 Skywalkers 60 A wizard once wanted to see how high he could jump with these shoes on. He's supposed to come back down any day now. Yes
Sun Walkers-0 Sun Walkers 60 Fitted with a handy self-drying flame, you can swim with these on and not have to worry. Yes
Training Shoes Training Shoes 20 Nothing special, but they'll protect your feet during training. No
Trialmaster's Boots-0 Trialmaster's Boots 100 Worn by a former master of trials, whose feet seemed to be quite small. They're a little snug. Yes
Vitrium Boots Vitrium Boots 20 When you wear them you move more gracefully but also always have the urge to dance. No
Warlock's Slippers Warlock's Slippers 40 Many people don't trust Warlocks, so they don't get out much. These keep their feet cozy at home. Yes
Warm Boots Warm Boots 40 These sure do live up to their name. Yes
Winter Boots-0 Winter Boots 40 Fuzzy on the inside and waterproof on the outside, the perfect choice for the long winter months. No
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