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Lamplight Town is a town in the south of the island. This is where you will do the tutorial prior to starting your game. The Lamplight Town has the following attractions:

Wheel of Wonder, Lamplight Town Square- You can spin the Wheel once per day to get rewards such as tin cans, old socks, 100 gold, and various wands, outfits, boots, and hats. Note- You may spin twice if you are a member.

Twilight Wheel, Lamplight Town Square- You can only spin this Wheel from 4pm-12pm, however this Wheel has quite a lot better prizes than the normal Wheel, such as 200-1000 gold, rare wands, outfits, boots, and hats, healing foods like chicken, cake, apples, croissants, and salad, and a special buddy that can only be obtained here!

Coliseum and Arena, The Coliseum- At this attraction you can battle other players to gain Arena Ranking Points. This lets you level up to buy special items like confetti, fireworks, and rare armor. Also, if you talk to the Clankboot, you may battle computer-controlled wizards to get coins and Duelist Armor pieces.

Bounty Board, The Coliseum- This special attraction lets you accept a bounty to gain Bounty Hunter Points. getting enough lets you purchase the Hunter and Black Fang armor sets, as well as a powerful wand, the Power Orb.

Various Merchants, Lamplight Town- These merchants let you buy a wide variety of items, such as hats, wands, and outfits. One Merchant even lets you change you Hair Color, Hair Style, and Eye Color! However, the following options are member-exclusive.

Pet Park- Here you can buy buddies that will follow you around Prodigy. These include the Husky, the Beagle, various colors of cats, and different kinds of birds. There is one kind of hamster that you can buy if you are not a member, however all other pets are member locked.

Dance Studio, Lower Intersection- This is where you can obtain a TEK-Y4 to do hard challenges to click cards to perform dance moves. You can level up your TEK-Y4 to do harder levels. this is not Member-exclusive, but you can get power-ups if you are a member.

Potion Stand, Lower Intersection- Here you can buy potions, however all potions except the sample Resist All she gives you are member. Potions increase your strength, resist elements, and do critical hits more.

Sir Vey, Lamplight Docks- Once in a while, Sir Vey will give you a question to answer, which usually has update ideas. This is reviewed by the Prodigy Developing Team, so answer truthfully! There is no right or wrong answer.