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Infernewt is a Fire pet in Prodigy. Infernewt is a slightly hotter, larger, and redder than Singenewt. A very decked out form of Burnewt.

Infernewt's strengths are its Power stat, and its moves are super-effective against Ice and Earth creatures. Weak against Water, so it's recommended to not bring it to Barnacle Cove.


It evolves into Embershed at level 45, and evolves from Singenewt at level 32. It is the third evolution to Burnewt.


"Infernewts are often mistaken for baby dragons in the mountains - but cannot fly, roar or breathe fire."


Pet spells:

Spell Level Unlocked
Fireball 1
Bolt 6
Charclone 12
Thunderdome 22
Fire Rain 35
Storm's Coming 53