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Please remember that you can edit more and contribute to a much more helpful wiki: Prodigy Math Game Wiki! A house is where you begin off in Prodigy. However, there is very little to do in your house other than decorate and make it look fancy. Mostly all of the items are limited to Members only, but there are still some that are available to non-Members. Unless you are a Member, you won't be able to let people go to your house. But as a member, you get to purchase all decorations. Prices are very cheap, so it will not be a challenge to even land one new decoration in your house.

Small Houses

Starter Home = FREE

Tiny T = 500 Gold

Cozy Cottage = 500 Gold

Medium Houses

Split Space = 1000 Gold (Member)

Open Space = 1000 Gold (Member)

Large Houses

Modern Design = 1600 Gold (Member)

Split Decision = 1600 Gold (Member)

The Mansion = 1800 Gold (Member)

Roomy Rooms = 1800 Gold (Member)

Special Houses

Treetop Terrace = 1600 Gold (Member)

Tree Fort = 1600 Gold (Member)

Branching Ice Cave = 1600 Gold (Member)

Bonfire Den = 1600 Gold (Member)

The Treehouse = 2500 Gold (Member)

The Fire Pit = 3000 Gold (Member)

The Cool Cave = 3000 Gold (Member)