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The following is a list of hats and masks that can be found in the game Prodigy. To summarize, hats are special clothing items that give special heart bonuses to wizards, allowing them to cast more spells on monsters as well as have more health, making it harder to get out of the game.

Like all other items in the game, there are special member-only hats which can only be equipped with membership. They can still be obtained from battle, but you cannot equip them unless you buy a membership.


Image Name of Hat Health Bonus Description Member Hat?
Apprentice Circlet Icon Apprentice Circlet 40 "This circlet is adorned with magical jewels, making it very powerful...and expensive." Yes
Arctursus Hood Icon Arctursus Hood 40 If Arctursus found anyone lost in the mountains, he would shed some ice fur and create this hood out of it to keep them warm. No
Bandana Icon Bandana


The favorite head gear of scurvy dogs because it's very absorbent and pirates love polka dots. No
Bee Hat Icon Bee Hat 60 The hat from a bee costume. It smells faintly of flowers. No
Big Hex Helmet Icon Big Hex Helmet 40 A helmet crafted by Big Hex's creator, the Warden who studied in Skywatch. No
Black Fang Icon Black Fang 80 This helm is worn only by the greatest of Bounty Hunters. Its staring gaze strikes fear into the hearts of all who see it! No
Cactus Mask Icon Cactus Mask 40 This hat is prickly! No
Candle Knight Helm Icon Candle Knight Helm 60 The magical flame on this helmet can never be extinguished. No
Captain's Hat Icon Captain's Hat 40 The choice of pirate captains everywhere! It smells like the sea and comes with a cool-looking eye patch! Yes
Chicken Hood Icon Chicken Hood 40 It is said that this hood was once worn by the bravest of warriors! Yes
Climber's Toque Icon Climber's Toque 40 A thick, durable knitted toque, perfect for braving the harsh mountain conditions. No
Cloth Hat Icon Cloth Hat 20 It's cloth. It's green. It's a green, cloth hat! No
Culix Hat Icon Culix Hat 20 Worn by fans of Culix, the famous historian who wrote "101 wacky warlock wands" and "The Tales of Hapless Headless Heath". No
Desert Hat Icon Desert Hat 40 A fashionable hat worn by initiates in the Oasis Institute of Natural Creatures (OINC). No
Diveodile Toque Icon Diveodile Toque 40 Townsfolk that live on the shore crafted this diving toque in honor of the sea guardian Diveodile. No
Draconyx Helm Icon Draconyx Helm 80 This helm was worn by the warrior wizards of legend - meant only for those who passed the toughest of tests. No
Dragon Helm Icon Dragon Helm 60 Legend says that those who wear it can hear the songs of dragons. Often its wearers can be heard singing to themselves. Yes
Dragon Spike Crown Icon Dragon Spike Crown 60 Formerly worn by Eustace Redhale "The King of Dragons" and the last ruler to ride one. It has the power of dragon's fire. Yes
Dragon Tiara Icon Dragon Tiara 60 Some say that if the correct words are spoken, this tiara will spit flames. Be careful what you say while wearing it! Yes
Duelist Helm Icon Duelist Helm 60 The hat of one of the greatest wizards in the Academy. No
Durofibre Hat Icon Durofibre Hat 20 In classic wizarding blue, you might think this hat old-fashioned, but the old wizards smile when you wear it. No
Earmuffs Icon Earmuffs 40 Need to keep your ears warm, but your hair neat? Try these earmuffs on! No
E-nigma Icon E-nigma 40 Question me this, question me good will you look, wearing this hat? Yes
Explorer Hat Icon Explorer Hat 60 This hat is rumored to have been worn by Looter Dan, the Academy's greatest explorer. No
Fancy Tophat Icon Fancy Tophat 40 This stylish hat is intended to be worn at formal gatherings, but you can wear it anywhere you want. Yes
Featherwing Helm Icon Featherwing Helm 40 A standard viking helmet, but with wings! Who cares if they don't make you fly, they're wings! Yes
Firefly Hat Icon Firefly Hat 60 A magical hat crafted by the magical creatures in Firefly Forest. Yes
Florafox Bonnet Icon Florafox Bonnet 40 This bonnet was grown in a Warden's garden in Firefly Forest. No
Franky Mask Icon Franky Mask 40 A plastic mask of Franky the Stein, the popular TV monster. Yes
Frost Beard's Mug Icon Frost Beard's Mug 60 The helm of the great Frost Beard. Causes the wearer to grow a beard of ice. Yes
Frost Saber Cap Icon Frost Saber Cap 60 When they grow into adults, Frost Saber Cats choose a new form. This one chose to be a hat for some reason. Yes
Frozen Crown Icon Frozen Crown 60 This crown belonged to the terrible Ice King but he gave it away when a witch turned him into a nice king. No
Ghastly Hood Icon Ghastly Hood 60 A strange feeling overwhelms you when you put on this hood; it makes you feel...mysterious. No
Heavy Hat Icon Heavy Hat 20 Someone told you that this was a Platypus that was turned into a hat. You're not sure but it does seem water-resistant. No
Highlord's Crown Icon Highlord's Crown 40 An ancient ruler passed this crown down to his children, and now it's in your hands. Yes
Hound's Helm Icon Hound's Helm 40 The Hound's Helm only looks like a fact, it was actually made by dogs! Yes
Hunter Hat Icon Hunter Hat 60 The standard-issue hat of a Bounty Hunter. It is durable enough to wear in a storm and provides excellent visibility. No
Infernal Helm Icon Infernal Helm 40 The feathers tickle a little bit but this hat sure seems to spook your opponents. Maybe it's because it's still alive! Yes
Jester's Cap Icon Jester's Cap 40 Think yourself a comedian? Try on this hat, and you'll be throwing punchlines left and right. Yes
Lady Yeti Mask Icon Lady Yeti Mask 40 A Yeti mask covered in makeup... Yes
Leather Hat Icon Leather Hat 20 Leather hats are all the rage these days, especially since Worly the Wonderful wears one. No
Light Hat Icon Light Hat 20 It fits so nicely, and doesn't give you a case of nasty wizarding hat hair. No
Luminite Mask Icon Luminite Mask 40 A plastic Luminite mask...pretty well-made, I think! No
Culix Hat Icon Magi-thread Hat 20 The Magi loved the sun most of all, they just didn't like it burning their heads. So they made this popular hat. Yes
Magmischief Helm Icon Magmischief Helm 40 This helmet was crafted out of cooled lava from Bonfire Spire. No
Male Yeti Mask Icon Male Yeti Mask 40 A Yeti scary! Yes
Mayhem's Guise Icon Mayhem's Guise 60 Mayhem was a warlock that caused lots of trouble. He was so well known that he used to wear this hat to hide among the crowds. Yes
Mira's Hood Icon Mira's Hood 80 Mira's hood radiates a powerful energy... No
Mithril Hat Icon Mithril Hat 20 Some think that the mithril in this hat gives you psychic powers, but who knows? Maybe you, when you're wearing it. Yes
Parka Hood Icon Parka Hood 60 Mrrrrrf mmmrrrhhmhhh mhhhmhmhr! No
Petal Helm Icon Petal Helm 40 It's a special springtime hat! Yes
Prankster's Crown Icon Prankster's Crown 40 This hat happens to have its own personality, so make sure you wash your hair regularly! Yes
Pumpkinhead Icon Pumpkinhead 60 This actually smells like a pumpkin! Kind of sweaty, though. Yes
Pyrium Hat Icon Pyrium Hat 20 Made with pyrium thread in classic style. This hat is a good option just about anywhere! Yes
Red Helm Icon Red Helm 40 This relic from a more technical age seems to be restored even has that new car smell! No
Reindeer Antlers Icon Reindeer Antlers 60 If you've ever needed to look like a reindeer, this is the hat for you! No
Robot Mask Icon Robot Mask 60 You aren't a robot, but this hat sure makes you look like one! Yes
Rogue's Hat Icon Rogue's Hat 40 Worn to keep cool in the desert, its magical properties make it popular amongst students. Yes
Shiverchill Hat Icon Shiverchill Hat 40 The Shiverchill Tribes wear this hat during important ceremonies like the "Welcome to Winter" and "Tobogganing Tuesdays". Yes
Skelly Mask Icon Skelly Mask 40 A plastic mask of a skelly. Yes
Skycap Icon Skycap 40 This is the hat worn by the Skyfolk - the small creatures who live in the clouds above the Academy. Yes
Snowman Head Icon Snowman Head 60 A large snowman mask, and it's even made out of snow! Brrrr! Yes
Specter Hood Icon Specter Hood 40 The hood of a creepy specter - a bit dingy, but that just makes it even creepier. No
Star Tiara Icon Star Tiara 40 This hat is shiny! No
TEK-Y4 Headphones Icon TEK-Y4 Headphones 40 These headphones are used to enhance the dancing skills of the TEK-Y4 dancing robots! Yes
Tinder Toque Icon Tinder Toque 40 A celebratory hat worn by the people of Spire on feast days. You can store a lot of food in it if you're sneaky. Yes
Tinkerer Hat Icon Tinkerer Hat 40 An old hat, probably worn by the people who built the ancient city. Yes
Training Cap Icon Training Cap 20 Keeps your head out of the sun and your hair dry during those tough training days. No
Apprentice Circlet Icon Trialmaster's Circlet 100 This ceremonial circlet is exceedingly rare and grants wisdom to those who wear it. Who would give it up? Yes
Vitrium Hat Icon Vitrium Hat 20 Older wizards don't like how younger ones wear this hat backwards. No
Weather Helmet Icon Weather Helmet 40 Whatever the weather, this hat's got you covered! Yes
Winged Helm Icon Winged


40 This Helm was found in the ruins of an ancient city, but mysteriously disappeared... No
Winter Hat Icon Winter


60 It may look like just a winter hat, but it is actually a MAGICAL winter hat! No
Winterfest Hat Icon Winterfest Hat 20 The official hat worn by helpers at Winterfest! Yes
Wolfy Mask Icon Wolfy Mask 40 A plastic wolf mask... ooooo scary! No

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