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Firefly Forest is one of the ten zones in Prodigy. The main element of this zone is Earth and it is the starting zone of the game.


"Help Flora reclaim her forest from pesky monsters, thieves, and a sleeping giant. Learn Earth spells and earn the Firefly Gem!"



The Big Tree

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The Big Tree is where Flora is along with the Forest Merchant and the "Wandering Wares" epics Gear store. There is a healstone at this location.


Firefly Clearing

Firefly Clearing is where a man will ask you to collect fireflies for him for rewards. There is a treasure chest for members.


Stonefish Beach

Stonefish Beach is a place where no enemies will appear except for a 'wizard' that will not appear again after you beat him/her. There is a fish statue but it serves no real purpose. It is called a beach since it is very close towards the water.


Fisherman's Pond

Fisherman's Pond does have 3 enemies to pass to the other side. The enemies type of species varies though. A treasure chest is available for all Prodigy players.


Grassy Clearing

Grassy Clearing has 3 enemies and they can be avoided by hugging into corners. The healing gem is pushed to the side for when you are done battling them.


The Crossroads

The Crossroads have two paths to chose. Enemies are not present in this area.


Thanks to the new coins though, you no longer have to spend gold at the merchant, you will have to spend a coin called “Florans “. The merchant sells many items, though most are for members. They have buddies like:

  • Flower Turtle (Everyone)
  • Fancy Ferret (Members)
  • Rainbow Panda (Members)
  • Smelly Skunk ( Members)