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Eve (aliases; Captain Eve, Windsail) is a pirate that is in Shipwreck Shore.


Eve wears a black pirate hat with white and gold trim with a pink feather sticking out. It has an emblem of two bones on the front. She has long red hair, green eyes, and gold hoop earrings. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt with a collar, a purple vest, and a purple skirt. She wears brown boots and is always seen leaning on an anchor.

She used to have an eyepatch and her emblem included a skull.

Map with icons

Former Eve


Eve is a bold pirate who can get impatient. She talks with pirate lingo (she used to say "Ready to help me out, shilling?") and is kind but demanding.


She sends you on a quest to defeat the Old One, however, you used to walk up to her, which would load the battle sequence where you had to defeat many Funkeels until you found a boss. She didn't use to give out the Water Gem, but now she does.