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Spells and individuals in Prodigy are aligned with an element. Elements are updated as more content is added to the game. As of now, there are 8 elements: Astral, Earth, Fire, Ice, Mech, Storm, Water and Shadow

Relationships between elements

Elements are strong or weak toward other elements. This changes how much damage a spell does. For example, the element earth is weak toward Fire, so casting an Earth spell on a Fire-type monster will do less damage. Conversely if you cast a Fire spell on an Earth monster, it will do extra damage.

Relationship summary table

Element Primary Area Weak Toward Strong Toward
Astral Lamplight Town, Academy Unknown Shadow
Earth Firefly Forest Fire Water
Fire Bonfire Spire Water Earth, Ice
Ice Shiverchill Mountains Fire Storm
Mech Outdated, Clockwork Town Ice Storm
Shadow Dark Tower, Everywhere. Astral All Elements
Storm Skywatch Ice Water
Water Shipwreck Shore Earth, Storm Fire

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