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Warning: This page will contain spoilers of the Dark Tower.
"The Dark Tower is home to Mira, who has a challenge for wizards like you! Climb to the top and earn a powerful prize!"
Outside the Dark Tower

Outside the Dark Tower

Dark Tower (1.45

The Dark Tower is a dungeon only for members. However, non-members are able to go to floor 5. It has 100 floors, each preceding level with more difficult monsters, and every 5 floors there is a boss. Leaving the Dark Tower makes you start over, unless you defeat the boss on every 5th floor creating a checkpoint. However it costs 500 gold to continue from that checkpoint.

The BGM of this area is:


The Dark Tower may be a reference, or based on the Pit of 100 Trials in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, especially since Mira tells you during the story of the powerful wizard that he created the "Really Really Hard Test of Trials'!" and there having to be exactly 100 floors.

Mira's Speech & Dark Tower text

When you're not a member entering the dark tower:

"Oh no! Only members can access the tower right now!"

Having enough gold to start off from your last checkpoint:

"Do you want to continue climbing the tower from floor <floor>? It will cost you (gold image) 500."

Not having enough gold to start off from your last checkpoint:

"Oh don't have enough gold!"

Upon going to enter the tower, a person named Mira talks to you saying:

"Hello there young one...welcome to the Dark Tower."

"The name's Mira, and this tower was once the home to a powerful wizard, who built it to test the power of other wizards."

"It is said that whoever can conquer every floor and make it to the top is a true wizard."

"But there is a catch! The battles here are harder, and once you leave the tower, you must start over."

"However, if you defeat the opponents on every 5th floor, you can return to that floor if you leave."

Reaching your first boss:

"Here's your first boss...there is one on every fifth floor. Let's see how well you do!"

Story Pt. 1:

"The wizard of this tower was once a student at the Academy, just like you..."

"But the wizard was MUCH stronger! WAAAAAY stronger!"

"The wizard practiced alone, not wanting any help from the other Academy students."

"He didn't want to waste time on them - they would only hold him back."

"So the wizard left the Academy a long long time train alone."

"He came here and built this tower using his awesome power! What a guy!"

Reaching floor 25:

"You made it to floor 25! One quarter of the way there...not bad, but not great."

Story Pt. 2:

"For years and years the wizard trained here alone. He mastered all the elements, learned all the spells."

"...But the wizard didn't need any help from the dumb Academy to do it!"

"One day, the wizard decided he was done training - he was already the best wizard ever!"

"So he decided to challenge the other wizards at the Academy, to prove he was the best."

"No wizard could match him, and so the wizard created this super-cool test to challenge wizards instead!"

"He called it the 'Really Really Hard Test of Trials'!"

"For this test, the wizard summoned the strongest monsters possible to challenge wizards at each floor."

"These monsters are the bosses of this tower. Here's another one now!"

Reaching floor 50:

"Floor 50've come all this way to challenge the strongest, have you?"

"If so, then you must first challenge the father of all dragons...Grandoff!"

Story Pt. 3:

"For each new student that tried the test and failed, the wizard added a new floor...and a new challenge."

"When no more floors could be added, the wizard made the challenges harder and harder."

"Eventually, it became obvious that no wizards would be able to climb the tower."

"So the legendary wizard disappeared, and the tower began to crumble."

"The wizard has not been seen since, but students from the Academy still try to climb the tower."

"He hoped that someday a student would be strong enough to challenge him, and so he would return to accept the challenge."

Reaching floor 100:

"Astounding. You have made it to the top of my tower..."

"And so you have earned the greatest of must challenge the legendary wizard herself..."


"HAHAHA! It was me all along! You should see the look on your face right now!"

"Come, wizard! It's time for you to face the strongest wizard of all time!"

Beating Mira Shade:

"Wow...You beat me...I'm speechless..."

"I can't believe I lost to a wizard from the Academy...I thought I was the strongest!"

"Well then! It looks like I was wrong about you...and about the Academy! You really are the best of the best!"

"Here...please accept this new robe as a gift from me. And tell all your friends to come here as well!"

"I'd love to meet as many wizards as possible...especially if they're as strong as you!"

Continue of climbing the Dark Tower:

"You are certainly something special...are you sure you're from the Academy?"

"The test you are on now...this is the very same test created by the wizard himself.

"Many wizards from the Academy tried it, but they ALL failed!"

"Things have been easy up until now...I think it's time to step things up!"

"You're still going? I'm...impressed!"

"This can't wizards have ever made it this far..."

"...Who are you...?"

" will NOT make it to the top of this tower!" "Face your next will be your last here!"

If you have already defeated the Dark Tower, Mira tells you:

"Well hello there! If it isn't mister fancy wizard?"

"You already beat my tower...but come back someday...I may have more challenges for you!"


"Oh don't have enough gold!"

"Hey, you're doing great! Here's a little reward..."

Entering the Dark Tower

Dark Tower Floor

Floor of the Dark Tower. (Sprites have been photoshopped into it, X can be any floor number.)

Once you are inside, every floor has an orb. In order to battle the opponent you must click on the orb and spin the Chance Wheel.

Chance Wheel Dark Tower

On the Chance Wheel there are positive and negative things you could achieve, which are:

Positive Negative
Heal 1 or 3 hearts Lose 1 or 3 hearts
Increased damage by half a heart Damage decreased by half a heart
Star gain increase Switching to pet/wizard disabled

In order to move on to the next floor, you must defeat the current opponent on the floor.

Completion Rewards

There are prizes you get from completing all the 100 floors, which are:

Mira's Robes
Mira's Hood
Mira's Staff


Floor # Opponent(s) Opponent(s) Level Opponent(s)' Spells Boss? Reward?
1 Funkeel 5 Water Blast, Water Bomb No
2 Squibble 5 Water Blast, Water Bomb No
3 Beneel 5 Water Blast, Water Bomb No
4 Squabble 5 Water Blast, Water Bomb No
5 Fathom, Squarrel Both level 5 Fathom: Water Blast

Squarrel: Water Blast, Water Bomb

6 Muckster 10 Mudball, Whirlwind, Leaf Wind No
7 Truckle 10 Mudball, Whirlwind, Leaf Wind No
8 ClipClop 10 Mudball, Whirlwind, Leaf Wind No
9 Pomprikle 10 Mudball, Cloudshot No
10 Shade, Spectral Both level 10 Shade: Mudball, Whirlwind, Leaf Wind

Spectral: Mudball, Cloudshot, Leaf Wind

Yes 500 Gold Coins
11 Sprite 15 Fireball, Cloudshot, Charclone No
12 Flameger 15 Fireball, Cloudshot, Charclone No
13 Ashlet 15 Embers, Bolt, Razorfire No
14 Infernewt 15 Fireball, Bolt, Charclone No
15 Serrazig, Smoldash Both level 15

Serrazig: Fireball, Cloudshot, Charclone

Smoldash: Embers, Bolt, Razorfire

16 Soral 20 Cloudshot, Bolt, Trinity, Thunderdome No
17 Creela 20 Water Blast, Water Bomb, Rainy Day, Water Bubble No
18 Solarix 20 Cloudshot, Bolt, Trinity No
19 Celesteate 20 Water Blast, Water Bomb, Rainy Day No
20 Solarasis, Aureate Both level 20

Solarasis: Cloudshot, Water Bomb, Trinity

Aureate: Water Blast, Bolt, Rainy Day

Yes 500 Gold Coins
21 Peeko 25 Peeko: Mudball, Whirlwind, Leaf Wind, Absorb No
22 Saplette 25 Saplette: Mudball, Water Blast, Leaf Wind, Rainy Day No
23 Rack-rack 25 Rack-rack: Mudball, Whirlwind, Leaf Wind, Absorb No
24 Arboreal 25 Arboreal: Mudball, Water Blast, Leaf Wind, Rainy Day No
25 Flyger, Vinequeen Both level 25

Flyger: Mudball, Bolt, Leaf Wind

Vinequeen: Mudball, Water Bomb, Leaf Wind, Water Bubble

26 Rascal 30 No
27 Gnawdy 30 No
28 Snoots 30 No
29 Shardic 30 No
30 Keeper, Crookfang, Arcticlaw All level 30 Yes 500 Gold Coins
31 Burnewt 35 No
32 Wick 35 No
33 Fissural 35 No
34 Flaria 35 No
35 Mystyyk, Mystile, Mystember All level 35 Yes
36 Squally 40 No
37 Funkeel 40 No
38 Burnewt 40 No
39 Squibble 40 No
40 Singenewt, Keeper, Tinyger All level 40 Yes 500 Gold Coins
41 Battaram 45 No
42 Crookfang 45 No
43 Snoots 45 No
44 Keeper 45 No
45 Ivory TripTrop, Serrazag, Prodraxis All level 45 Yes
46 Flame Neek 50 No
47 River Neek 50 No
48 Forest Neek 50 No
49 Cloud Neek 50 No
50 Dargon 50 Fireball, Embers, Charclone, Razorfire, Cloudshot, Bolt, Trinity Yes 500 Gold Coins, 100 Star Bonus
51 Tinyger 55 No
52 Gnawdy 56 No
53 Tinyger 57 No
54 Gnawdy 58 No
55 Gnawdy, Tinyger, Crookfang All level 60 Yes
56 Puck 65 No
57 Rascal 66 No
58 Scally 67 No
59 Hob 68 No
60 Keeper, Sentinel, Nebulite All level 70 Yes 500 Gold Coins
61 Evolotus 75 No
62 Aureate 76 No
63 Vinequeen 77 No
64 Solarasis 78 No
65 Ivory Truckle, Flikflit, Dreamlet All level 80 Yes
66 Puck 85 No
67 Rascal 86 No
68 Scally 87 No
69 Hob 88 No

Muckster, Aquaster

(Repeated 4 times)

All level 30 Yes 500 Gold Coins
71 Flame Neek, Flame Caller

Flame Neek: 50

Flame Caller: 85

72 River Neek, River Caller

River Neek: 55

River Caller: 85

73 Forest Neek, Forest Caller

Forest Neek: 60

Forest Caller: 85

74 Cloud Neek, Cloud Caller

Cloud Neek: 65

Cloud Caller: 85

75 Rack-rack, Solarix, Dragling, Celesteate All level 90 Yes
76 Peeko 95 No
77 Soral 96 No
78 Dragic 97 No
79 Creela 98 No
80 Frozine, Charcole, Sprout, Thundane, Pounce All level 100 Yes 500 Gold Coins
81 Emburn 100 No
82 Squally 100 No
83 Liosen 100 No
84 Cloud Neek 100 No





Evolotus: 100

Serrazag: 100 Flikflit: 53

Prodraxis: 100 Evolotus: 43

Dreamlet: 100

86 Cloud Gobbler 100 No
87 Dreamlet 100 No
88 Nebluff 100 No
89 Mimic 100 No
90 Your own team, all pets evolved. All level 100 Movesets of your pets including yourself. No 500 Gold Coins
91 Smoldash 100 No
92 Arcticlaw 100 No
93 Vinequeen 100 No
94 LiosenEmburn

Liosen: 100

Emburn: 50






Embershed: 100

Flurrious: 100 Squally: 50 Tempest: 55

Aureate: 100 Celesteate: 55

Gloricious: 100 Snoots: 58 Highfawn: 60

96 Flame Neek, River Neek, Forest Neek, Cloud Neek All level 50 No
97 Flame Caller, River Caller, Forest Caller, Cloud Caller All level 75 No
98 Flame Creator, River Creator, Forest Creator, Cloud Creator All level 100 No
99 Flame Neek, River Neek, Forest Neek, Cloud Neek All level 50 No
100 Mira Shade 100 All element spells Yes; final See Rewards


  • When you read the hints in Prodigy, one of them could be about the Dark Tower which is: "Rumor has it that there is a powerful wizard at the top of the Dark Tower..."


New graphics Dark Tower Level 50 boss battle - Dragon Grandoff VS 1DoctorGenius -Prodigy math game

New graphics Dark Tower Level 50 boss battle - Dragon Grandoff VS 1DoctorGenius -Prodigy math game