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Please remember that you can edit more and contribute to a much more helpful wiki: Prodigy Math Game Wiki! Damage calculation in Prodigy is based on the concept on all moves dealing the same damage at the same level. This means that you can calculate the maximum possible damage of any set move.

Calculating Maximum Damage at the Same Level (Pets)

To calculate the damage you deal you will need to find the base damage (minimum damage) of your move. (Find calculated bases below).

Move Base Damage
Trinity 70
  • To calculate base damage get two pets level 10 with a Power rank of C and use the move on each 10 times. The base is the lowest value.

Next get power value and assign the number to the value:

Rank Multiplier
E 10/11
D 1/1
C 12/11
B 13/11
A 14/11

Now with these values, you do this formula: (B=base value, P=power value, and L=level) and you get maximum damage:


In other words, say you have the move Trinity (base 70) and with a power of B (13/11 multiplier) then you would do this:


Which means your move could deal up to 66-78 damage at level 10.