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Older version of completing a battle to get gold coins.

Gold Coins v2

Newer version

The main currency of Math Prodigy are Gold Coins. It can be used to purchase any type of item or pets and can be obtained from battles. Defeating pets will usually result in 100 Gold Coins, increasing by 100 for every other pet if there are more than one.

Gold Coins may also be rewarded when completing quests from leader in the five elemental zones. They may be rewarded from Sir Vey from the Lamplight Docks or the Dyno Dig Oasis minigame for finding fossils.

Trade in this currency to obtain Wands, Outfits, Hats, Buddies, Boots, Pets, Rings, etc.

Other Currency

There is one other types of currency than just Gold Coins, which are Candy Corn, Relic Coin, Star Shards, Magic Snowflakes, Small Coin Bundle, Medium Coin Bundle, Large Coin Bundle and lastly Wood.

Relic Coins

They appear as old copper coins, and are common in Dyno Dig sites, post-battle reward chests, and more. Trade them in to Wandering Wares for epics gear. Each piece cost 5 Relic Coins, and there are 10 gear pieces for sale in total. It's wise to wait until you've obtained at least 50 Relic Coins, and sweep Wandering Wares's shop empty. This gear is sure to be epic!

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