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Please note that Clockwork Town was removed in a recent update, but the Stage minigame can still be played in Lamplight Town.


Boombox is the announcer for the battles of which you... battle to win the prize that he announces earlier...

Possible Prizes Worth in coins
Coins (500) 500
Cloak Unknown
Gizmotron N/A

The Stage

The Stage is a minigame accessable by clicking the "Dance" area at the right.

In the minigame, the goal is to get gears and level up your TEK-Y4 by clicking on the correct card before the timer ends.

When you first click on the minigame, Boombox will give you a level 1 TEK-Y4. When you click "start", it asks you what level you will pick (the higher the level, the more gears, but it gets harder) then what powerup you will pick (member only).

During the Minigame

There will be a card on top, and 3-5 cards on the bottom. One of the cards on the bottom will match the card on top. You have to click that card before the timer, shown by the bar next to the top card, runs out. If you manage to click the card in time, you get (Level * Multiplier) gears.


When you start playing, your multiplier is 1. Your multiplier is a bar at the right. As you continue clicking cards correctly, the bar goes up, until you reach 2. Now, every time you get a card right, you will get twice the gears! This repeats until level 3, and then you can't level up anymore. Multipliers reset every time you play.


You get gears, as explained above, by clicking the cards correctly. The gear counter is shown at the top left of the screen. Your high score is shown at the top right. When the game ends, your gear count is added to your level bar.

Leveling Up

Your TEK-Y4 is a key item that can be leveled up. When it reaches a level 2 through 5, you will unlock a new difficulty level when starting. When you reach level 10, you get a prize, which is TEK-Y4 Headphones.

Here is a picture of the screen with some things labelled:

Dance Stage