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Big Hex is a Mech pet in Prodigy.

Big Hex is a powerful robot with it's power, life, and growth being all A's. It is the only pet in the game containing this element, and was introduced into the game in version 1.25.3. Despite being a different element, it still consists of Storm moves. It can only be obtained from buying the Toy from the Prodigy store.

Big Hex hats and staffs are obtainable by going to a merchant and trading in 5 copper coins for either a staff or hat, with its own unique design representing the corresponding epic.


Big Hex's gender being male is confirmed from his description as well as this sentence;

"Don't forget Big Hex, master of mech! This mechano-man is so tough, his static electricity won't let his enemies near him!"

However, it is a robot, clearly being neutral. This conspiracy has been studied by players who look, in depth, to find out.


It doesn't evolve from anything or to anything.


"Big Hex can create almost any type of machinery from raw scraps, and can even power them using his own energy. Thanks to his creation, Big Hex can use magic to harness storm power and create powerful spells."


Pet spells:

Spell Level Unlocked
Cloudshot 1
Bolt 5
Trinity 10
Thunderdome 19
Shocksphere 31
Storm's Coming 48

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